Consigned to Oblivion Debuts at Sunrise 45 Film Festival

Consigned to Oblivion Debuts at Sunrise 45 Film Festival

A new short horror film titled “Consigned to Oblivion” will be debuting from It’s Alive Films at Sunrise 45 Film Festival this month, in Alpena, MI. It is written by Joshua Werner, directed by Stephen Florentine, and produced by them and It’s Alive co-founder Krissi Kinney.

The film focuses on an artist who is desperately trying to capture, in a painting, the face of a person he saw in a recurring dream, before the memory of their features fades away. Caught up in an obsession testing the limits of his sanity, each night that he sleeps he awakes to find the painting evolving on its own, giving him further clues to the face that keeps changing in the dream. The screenplay, written by Joshua Werner is based on a short comic story he had written and illustrated. “The comic story, which was published in a horror anthology, always had a cinematic feel to it. While comic books are a medium that can express more depth than many others, this story was always meant to be told on screen,” states Joshua Werner. “There’s a psychological aspect to it that can only be captured by a good cinematographer, and Stephen Florentine blew me away with his accuracy to the tone I’d hoped for, bringing his own ideas into the mix that were nothing short of genius. Bryan Barber did the music for this film and took it to a level I’d never even imagined.”

Krissi Kinney, who served as Producer, Casting Director and Location Manager, as well as acting in a role in the film, says “I am pleased to announce the anticipated release of Consigned to Oblivion! It was a dream working with a visionary such as Josh Werner, who is talented in so many ways from creator to artist to lead actor. This film brings such a smile to my face; I adore watching the test audience’s faces when they see the film and begin to understand the madness it entails.”

“This is the second project for It’s Alive Films,” says Director Stephen Florentine. “The script was brought to us by a writer that we loved, and he envisioned it as a short film. Our ultimate goal at It’s Alive is to literally bring films to life, so that’s what we did with Consigned to Oblivion. While Replicator was our first project, Oblivion was the first test of our mission statement, to help other filmmakers realize their vision (not just my own vision). That’s ultimately what we want to do with our company and our projects, build up a solid stable of fresh filmmaking voices and make films!”

The Sunrise 45 Film Festival, named for it’s place on the 45th parallel on the sunrise side of Michigan, selected Consigned to Oblivion for its “Friday Night Fright!” horror lineup that begins at 9pm on Friday August 17th. “While we are now actively looking for more film festivals for Oblivion,” says Krissi Kinney, “we couldn’t think of a better place to debut it than Sunrise 45. We debuted the first It’s Alive project, Replicator, at the first year of Sunrise, and now we’ll debut the second project at its second year.”

Those interested in learning more about the festival and its debut of Consigned to Oblivion can find further information at “It’s truly the best Film Fest I’ve personally been to,” says filmmaker and attendee Warren Jackson. “I love how the community comes together to support it, and I love Alpena and its beauty!”

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