4 Amazing Days of Fannibal Fun…

This year from October 11 through October 15th we have a so much planned that builds on what we started last year. We will of course have the very popular location bus tours, with even more added locations we didn’t get to last time, the Amazing Eat the Rude Dinner, once again curated and hosted by Hannibal Food Stylist Janice Poon. Of course there will be Cast Members and this time Actual Crew Members! to answer all your behind the scene questions! There is so much we have planned, so continue to watch this space as we add more exciting activities!

Some of the cast and crew you can expect to find there include…

Hettienne Park plays the wonderfully witty Beverly Katz! One, definitely sassy, third of our beloved Science-y BAU team!

Along with his acclaimed roll as Brian Zellar on Hannibal, he has also guest starring on several shows, Abrams has also appeared in regular/reoccurring roles for many television series, including the critically acclaimed “Slings & Arrows,” the Emmy® nominated “The State Within,” ABC’s “Rookie Blue”,and “Stargate: Atlantis”

Vincenzo Natali is the Hannibal director and storyboard artist who brought us some of the shows most memorable scenes: the five-way sex scene of Naka-Choko, the social worker in the horse from Su-zakana, Bedelia’s suggestively placed wine glass in Antipasto, Margot and Alana’s psychedelic body-blending love scene in “Dolce”, and the nightmare stag from “Primavera.”

Best known for Canadian ensemble sketch comedy series The Kids in the Hall, Thompson was a member of Hannibal’s “Team Sassy Science,” along with Hettienne Park (“Beverley Katz”) and Aaron Abrams (“Brian Zeller”). He also hosted the popular “Post Mortem” series on the Hannibal Blu-ray releases.

Jaro Dick is the amazing set decorator for all 39 episodes of Hannibal. It is hard to imagine our show without his elegant vision and symbolic art references. He infused Hannibal’s office, kitchen, and dining room with “American Gothic overtones via European Art Nouveau.”

They have plenty of events scheduled such as…

-Sassy Science Q&A #1 – Scott Thompson, Hettienne Park and Aaron Abrams
-Crew Q&A – Jaro Dick, HANNIBAL Set Decorator and Janice Poon, HANNIBAL Food Stylist
-FANNIBALFEST Cosplay Contest
-HANNIBAL Episode Screenings
-Crew Q&A #1 – HANNIBAL Director Vincenzo Natali
-Crew Q&A #2 – HANNIBAL Stunts with Ken Quinn and Master Tommy Chang
-Fan Fiction Fan-led Panel
-Cast/Crew Meet & Greet (Gold)
-Photo Ops with Cast/Crew
-Autographs with Cast/Crew
-Role-Play Fan-led Panel
-Memory Palace Art Auction
-Farewell Luncheon

Special Events:

This year we have a few special events planned, including the very popular LOCATION BUS TOURS and the EAT THE RUDE DINNER. We’re also adding a special BREAKFAST WITH DADDY, a Kickstarter stretch goal, but we’re going to release a limited number of tickets to everyone. Please note all of these require an additional ticket purchase. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Some locations include:

-Dunlop Observatory Outisde only. 
-Greenwood Conservation Area – Tree of the Beloved
-Will’s House, Angel-maker Barn and Will’s workshop 
-Moodies Motor Inn – Hannibal brings Will Protein Scramble Breakfast  
-Audley Road in Ajax – Road scene where Hannibal and Will escape police van.  
Parkwood Estate – Verger Mansion

After a very successful Eat the Rude dinner last year, Janice Poon will once again be collaborating with the hotel’s Executive Chef to host a three-course gourmet experience themed on the show. From deceptively delicate finger foods to meaty mains and voluptuous veggies through to decadent desserts,the menu will be inspired by recipes from Janice’s Feeding Hannibal Cookbook.

Ever want to know how Abigail felt during her first meal with Hannibal? Well here is your chance! Janice Poon will be hosting a special Breakfast with Daddy, featuring the first meal Hannibal made for Abigail, ‘Hi-Life Eggs (Eggs in a Hole). Gather with your Fannibal Friends and start your convention morning the Hannibal way.

Visit to…

-Get ticket & hotel information

-See the complete schedule & more about the special events

-Read more about the guests

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