Fantasm Media Announces 50 Years of Night: The Official Night of the Living Dead Magazine

Fantasm Media Announces 50 Years of Night: The Official Night of the Living Dead Magazine!

Fifty years ago, a small, tight-knit group of Pittsburgh area filmmakers changed cinema forever. Led by director George A. Romero, they created one of the most important American films of all time. Fantasm Media is beyond proud to join forces with Image Ten to create the official magazine to mark this historic anniversary. This very special issue will include brand new, exclusive interviews with cast and crew such as John Russo, Judith O’Dea, Russ Streiner, Marilyn Eastman, Gary Streiner, Richard Ricci, Ella Mae Smith, and so much more!

When we launched Fantasm Media, our maiden voyage was a magazine that we were working on with George himself. That magazine, Fantasm Presents #1: George A. Romero, was finished and released after his death. It started as a fun project meant to celebrate the films we loved, but it became so much more. Almost a memorial, if you will. So when Image Ten asked me to create the book you hold in your hands to mark this historic anniversary, I was blown away. As I’ve said many, many times before, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is my favorite film and it was the first film I ever owned. As silly as it may sound to some, seeing it so many times, it became a part of me. That droning dirge as Barbra runs to the house from the cemetery, the echoing screams of Helen Cooper being murdered by her own daughter and then after all we, the viewers, are subjected to, it ends with the death of Ben, who is disposed of in a series of still frames. Everything we lived through with these characters, everything we were subjected to, becomes almost afterthought as the final character simply becomes, “another one for the fire.” But for you, me and so many countless others, it is no afterthought. It’s the film that lives on like the ghouls that populate it. It claws into your brain and stays there. The film spawned decades of nightmares through viewing after viewing. Beyond that, this film has captivated generations of filmmakers for decades. Because of it and Romero’s other DEAD films, the modern zombie became part of what we are, or what we fear we can become, figuratively and quite possibly, literally. – Brian Steward, publisher

Each copy will include randomly-inserted trading cards, including the possibility of ultra-rare autograph cards!

Guaranteed to begin shipping October 22!

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