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Life played its horrible games with the girl. As she grew up she devised clever places to hide – inside and outside of her mind. She was tricked by her own illusions; she was caught in traps of her own creation. It began with a kidnapping, a locked room, and the broken doll that was more than a plaything…and always, in the shadows, the dangerous painting from her past waited, threatening to expose her.

“For someone who has never held in their hands any of Fox’s pieces, this short story might seem bizarre, unconventional, eccentric… even bewildering. But if you are used to reading her perplexing tales you can only admire her renowned stamp, welded in iron, seizing the characters’ sanity to the point you don’t know what you’re seeing —feeling.

She’s the master of confusion. Her gift to mould the human psyche at her wish, to soak your thoughts in blood for suddenly gather the thick liquid and make you realise —everything was an illusion. Or perhaps… wasn’t it?

She never stops astonishing me. In this case, a little girl mistreated, manipulated with her mind broken to pieces like delicate ceramic, faces reality (an infamous, insane reality) the only way she can stand it: conceiving their predators and alliances as schizoid entities, changing, twirling, disorienting her (disorienting… you) at every beat.”

“This was a great short read for anyone who loves horror, dark fiction, or the macabre. A very compelling and in depth story for its limited length. There is a very uneasy feeling hanging over the story, like Dona Fox’s work always excels at. A very gripping read, and one you should definitely have in the cue to pass the time on a weekend afternoon.”

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Evil rules the mean streets in many guises, waiting in the shadows along the crumbled edges of the mega-cities, where murder is the only crime that leaves a trace for lesser violent acts are simply not reported.

Children, the elderly, the slightly and severely damaged make up the homeless. The weak and the helpless are deemed beyond salvation and beneath contempt by all but the strongest and the cruelest who see them as a source of sustenance

““Kiss of Quicksilver” is a very “Dona Fox’s” story. The reason I love her writing is that she has a personal stamp. Her tales are deeply sad, demolishing. The threads are insane, characters swim in their own madness, like satellites in their orbits. They’re so lost and destroyed that the atrocities they perform run with astonishing normality.

This is the case in this story. It starts in a devastating state of mind and it gets slowly soaked in ruin and perdition. Although, Fox moulds our protagonist in a loving, caring way, that you get over her broken mind to join her in her crusade for survival in her little, obscure, torn apart world. In the meantime, monsters who used to be people destroy their lives and push them to dwell in pure filth.

Ah, but you will smile. The brilliant twists of the author will make you dig the dark irony… of revenge.

As always, brilliant.”

“Trust Dona Fox to take a slice of real life ( here homelessness) and in a space of a few pages turn it into a journey of bone chilling suspense. Not a word wasted…each phrase does double duty painting a complete portrait … beginning backstory middle and end. I don’t know how she does it time after time…but it is as constant as the blood moon rising. Highly recommended.”

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Claustrophobic, disturbing, and creepy. A lost girl is kidnapped and held for years by a dangerous man. Her doll takes the brunt of his abuse in place of the girl. Then the man is killed in a bloody and brutal attack. Now she must protect her own child from the jealous, intrusive, and sometimes vicious toy. Who will survive when they enter the crawl space under the house? Quiet horror that punches all the buttons.

““Crawl Space” is a short story by Dona Fox. She is one of the most disturbing horror authors I have read and as such, she doesn’t disappoint with this little piece. The word “disturbing”, actually, is a very small one in this case. The madness locked in a woman’s mind has no boundaries when it comes to discerning real from insanity.

A doll, which will bring you countless sleepless nights, takes the reins in this bloody, psychological, horrific tale. When you finish it, you won’t be able to decide if what you feel is either sorrow… or panic.”

“This story was absolutely terrifying in all the best ways. As a lover of horror, this is one of my favorite stories I have read in the genre. This is definitely a breakout story of Dona Fox’s work. It hits on several fears. Scares hit hard in this one. Definitely a must read for horror fans!”

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About author Dona Fox

Dona Fox writes short stories and poetry – horror and dark fantasy infused with bits of science fiction. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, pecters from the Northwest’s forests, Portland’s bridges and Seattle’s streets may creep into her dark tales.

Her latest releases are “Shypoke”, “Kiss of Quicksilver”, “Crawl Space”, “The Girl With Atypical Eyes”, “Blue Lights, Bitter Roots” and “All The Children On The Porch”.

DARK TALES FROM THE DEN is Dona’s first collection–on these dark pages there is no distinction between the living and the dead for ghosts do walk beside us and the paranormal is normal here. A touch of Lovecraft in one tale, an alien abduction in another–or was it? Facts blend with fiction so easily in the Dark. Settle in with a Smoky Martini and end up in The Darkest Den.

DARKER TALES FROM THE DEN – Seventeen darker tales. Stories of death, ghosts, and wicked delusions. Poisons, secrets, and lovers from the past. Murders by curse, serpents’ fangs, herbs, and flowers. The discovery of crystal bones, the smell of singed gossamer wings, the sound of a wooden puppet dancing in the dark and the touch of a cold hand beneath the grave.

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