Reel Nightmare Films Releasing 13 Scary Movies This Halloween Season

Reel Nightmare Films kicked off Halloween month with the Oct. 2nd release of the holiday horror slasher “Dead by Christmas,” now on Amazon Prime Video US/UK/DE.

Today, the distributor has revealed it will release 13 additional horror films in the U.S. and Worldwide via their Vimeo On Demand store, with selected titles from this list below also debuting on Amazon Prime Video US/UK in a few more days:

Queen Dracula (Now Only on Vimeo On Demand)
A re-imagining of the horror classic with Jonathan Harker marrying a blood-thirsty Vampire Queen in Transylvania, then bringing her back home to meet his two daughters.

Dark Punch (Now on Prime Video US/UK & Vimeo On Demand)
A mentally deranged drifter travels aimlessly attacking and robbing innocent victims to his pleasure, until one day he gets his comeuppance.

Zombiefied (Now Only on Vimeo On Demand)
A zombie outbreak begins at a club, leaving locals to fight for survival while a brutal serial killer adds to the body count. “Fun,” says Fangoria.

Witching Hour (Coming to Prime Video & Vimeo On Demand)
When two college roommates purchase an old clock, one of the girls becomes possessed by a demonic voice hellbent on claiming her soul while the other, who is deaf, remains unaffected. With time running out, they must uncover the violent history of the antique before it’s too late.

Semester’s End (Coming to Prime Video, Now on Vimeo On Demand)
Papers, Midterms and Murder. A college woman is targeted by a serial killer terrorizing a campus full of shady characters and dangerous secrets.

Doctor S (Coming to Vimeo On Demand)
An up-and-coming female reporter is summoned to interview a reclusive doctor with an insidious secret agenda.

Witchstalker (Now Only on Vimeo On Demand)
Boobs, blades and blood! An evil witch plans to take over the world and only Jerica, the latest in a long line of witch killers, can stop her.

Deadly Workout (Coming to Video On Demand)
It will deliver exactly what it promises.

Sleepover (Coming to Video On Demand)
A couple of girls get together for a sleepover in a large house, where an uninvited guest plans to put them to sleep… forever.

Clowns of Halloween (Coming to Video on Demand)
The Halloween Doll (Coming to Video on Demand)
As we get closer to All Hallows’ Eve, this holiday-themed scary movies will deliver to you exactly what’s on their title.

In The Devil’s Courthouse (Coming to Video On Demand)
Strained siblings are stalked by a vicious creature from the Cherokee folklore.

Axemas (Coming to Amazon Prime Video & Vimeo On Demand)
Reel Nightmare Films will wrap up Halloween and enter the Holiday Season with this highly-entertaining Christmas slasher set inside a storage facility.

Coming soon, RNF will handle North-American VOD distribution of the festival hit “The Laplace’s Demon.” The stylish Italian film has been said to achieve a “Hitchcock-level of suspense” by Blumhouse.

In the meantime, all current Reel Nightmare Films are available Worldwide and they can be found today on the distributor’s Vimeo On Demand portal:

Reel Nightmare Films on Vimeo On Demand (Worldwide)

Reel Nightmare Films on Prime Video USA

Reel Nightmare Films on Facebook

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