Award-Winning Film and Horror Flick, Butterfly Kisses, Now on VOD

Butterfly Kisses, written and directed by Erik Kristopher Myers, secured a VOD/Blu-ray/DVD distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures and was released October 23, 2018. The film screened from coast to coast on the festival circuit, accumulating 12 awards over the last year. Butterfly Kisses features appearances by Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), Steve Yeager (Sundance-winning director of Divine Trash), Matt Lake (bestselling author of Weird Maryland and others), David Sterritt (former critic for The Christian Science Monitor and Chairman for the National Society of Film Critics), and Mike Jones (DJ at DC101, a leading Rock station owned by iHeartMedia).

Myers said, “This is such an exciting moment for me, the cast, and the crew who worked so hard to make this film happen. We feel grateful to everyone who has helped us become successful, including critics, film festivals, and audiences from across the country. We can’t wait to see how new fans will respond to the movie.”

Butterfly Kisses was filmed in Ellicott City, Maryland, before two floods devastated the community. The eerie footage of the historic town creates another artistically haunting element to the film. “Our film is truly a time capsule of what used to be,” said Myers.

About Butterfly Kisses: Found footage and urban legend come together in chilling fashion to spin this unsettling film, shot on location in Ellicott City, Maryland. A videographer sorting through used tapes uncovers hours of footage of a young woman obsessed with an apocryphal figure known as “Peeping Tom.” Determined to uncover the mystery behind her fascination, he, in turn, loses himself in the vanished woman’s tale.

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