She’s THE bad ass Mexican heroine with brass knuckles, black hat and dusty boots you didn’t know you were waiting for…

“Word started to get around there was a new enforcer in town. No one knew if she was a demon or an angel, perhaps a mythical mix of both. Maybe the woman in the black hat was one of the old gods that wandered this land before the lash of the cross was introduced. The only thing anyone knew was that no human could run from their devious deeds if Maria and her fist caught you in their sights.” Maria The Wanted

Maria is a wanted woman. She’s wanted by an Aztec trafficker, a cartel boss, the people she fights for, and now the devil she can’t resist.

Her journey begins as a would-be immigrant turned vampire, until the injustices of the world turn her into something else. She’s not just out for blood, she wants answers.

Check out the first of soon to be many 5 star reviews…

“This was so FUN! Action packed, poetic, and sexy. Cue up some Selena and get reading!

This book had a little bit of everything I love and want to read in an urban fantasy romp. A kick-a$$ latina heroine with a BIG heart who takes no prisoners battling for justice and against the cartels? Check. Vampires from cultures all around the world? Check. An excellent grasp of history? Check check!

Maybe also cue up some “Sympathy for the Devil” because it’s not the cartels or ancient Aztec vampires who will prove Maria’s greatest challenge. Everyone wants a piece of Maria, including Lucifer himself…

I really loved Maria. She is tough but also loving, and very honest about life in her narration. She’s a breath of fresh air and a shot of tequila all in one.

I really can’t recommend this indie read enough!”

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About Author V Castro

I am a Mexican American woman from San Antonio, Texas, and my culture is my first inspiration. There are so many stories I could tell you, but I’ll save those for the books 😉 My Instagram is littered with old photos of my early years growing up in Texas. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel the world, which heavily influences my writing. This background picture was taken as I ascended Mount Kilimanjaro!Finally, the complicated thing that is motherhood has also shaped what I write and how I write.

Besides writing I love to cook, travel, try different cuisines, browse grocery stores in foreign countries, binge watch Netflix, watch horror with my sisters and drink wine whenever possible. Life is too damn short.

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