KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK – Italian Horror/ Giallo Inspired Short Film


Freya, who has recently visibly suffered a nervous breakdown resulting in her wearing a pressure mask for burns to her face, is visited by her concerned social worker Mrs Stone. After she leaves, Freya is plagued by a constant knocking at her door, causing her mind to enter a state of conflict as she struggles to remain calm. When her mental state shatters she must battle through her psychosis to rid herself of what is hiding behind her closed door.

Knock Knock Knock Knock Trailer from Faster Productions on Vimeo.

Knock Knock Knock Knock is a visually arresting film inspired by the work of Italian genre legends Mario Bava, Dario Argenot and Lucio Fulci, accompanied by a driving score from lauded musician Umberto to create an unforgettable audio visual experience.

Starring: Natasha Lamper, and Helen Ball

Writer/ Director: Luther Bhogal-Jones

For more information on Faster Productions and Sincerely Psychopath contact:

Twitter and Instagram – @fastermovies

Twitter – @spsychopath

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One thought on “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK – Italian Horror/ Giallo Inspired Short Film

  1. Hi all, anyone interested in seeing the film just has to email 4KANDLES to as this info was omitted from the above! Hope you like the trailer and are interested in seeing the finished film!


    Luther Bhogal-Jones (writer/ director of Knock Knock Knock Knock)

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