Let Souls for the Master by John C Adams Send a Chill Down Your Spine!

Let Souls for the Master send a chill down your spine!

From the author of Aspatria, John C Adams’ disturbing futuristic horror novel Souls for the Master is out now on Kindle.

Will assassin Ivy Spires cross over from the wrong side of town and complete her mission? Will Trainee Surgeon Gerald Flint find a way to prevent the government from infecting millions with deadly virus Virion One? And will Ivy’s brother Valentine stay true to the mission they’ve been training for for so long?

John C Adams was longlisted for the Aeon Award twice. John is now a Contributing Editor for Albedo One magazine and the Aeon Award, and a Reviewer for Schlock! Webzine.

“The Visitors is a cracking story, as we say in Ireland.”
Frank Ludlow, Director, International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest.

“When I first read In The Fortune-Teller’s Tent, I knew John C Adams had a talent to be reckoned with.”
Bruce Memblatt, Kindle Coordinator of The Horror Zine

“John’s work is a welcome breath of fresh air in a field packed with too many stagnant ideas and stale stories.”
E.S. Wynn, Chief Editor of Farther Stars Than These Magazine

From Souls for the Master: She didn’t like to think about all the souls it took to placate the Master.

From Souls for the Master: The Master rewarded Gerald with a warm, muggy sensation known as a mindhug.
John C Adams lives rural Northumberland, UK, combining writing with caring for Brian, John’s severely brain damaged husband, and raising the couple’s family. Read more at:

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