Celebrate Women in Horror Month with Debra Hill T-Shirt Special

Happy Women in Horror Month! As we celebrate Women in Horror Month there’s not a name as ubiquitous as Debra Hill’s. Without Debra, we wouldn’t have one of the greatest horror films ever put on screen—Halloween, whose titles proclaim boldly it’s “A DEBRA HILL PRODUCTION.” Hill was a pioneer for women in the industry, especially for women working in horror/genre. It might be 2019, but there’s still a lot of work to be done in getting women and non-binary femmes behind the camera, especially in the horror industry. So as we push for better labor standards and expanded opportunities, celebrate alongside tees-en-scéne one of the legendary women of horror film history.

tees-en-scéne, shirts for film lovers to show their love for women filmmakers, is offering a special for WIHM. Use code “HILL2019” by 2/28/19 for 15% off all orders (10% of sales from this code will go to Women in Horror Month). Images of the Debra Hill shirt here.

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