Interview with “2050” Actress Jace Nicole

Actress Jace Nicole talks about her love of horror, envision a future of sex-bots and her latest film, 2050.

-PH: Where are you based, Jace?

-Jace: I am currently in Baltimore County, Maryland.

-PH: When did you get into acting?

-Jace: I got into acting back in 2004

-PH: We know you from such fun genre movies as Senior Cut Day : The Movie and Razorblade City. Would you say though that there’s one genre you’re particularly drawn to?

-Jace: I LOVE Horror. That’s my all time favorite!

-PH: How did you get involved in 2050?

-Jace: I was called on by Princeton to come work on it with him. We have pretty much been working together since 2005.

-PH: The film encompasses a storyline that many might consider far-fetched – but it’s likely not. What’s your take?

-Jace: It’s definitely not far-fetched, as we see this unfolding in front of our eyes on a daily basis. 2050 was a long time coming.

-PH: Do you envision this will be our future?

-Jace: I do envision it to be a big part of the future. I know it won’t be for everyone, but for a large part of society around that time, Yes, I can see it being a part of it in a major way.

-PH: Are you excited to be showing it to your hometown of Baltimore?

-Jace: Haha…Yes, I am excited that it is playing in my current town of Baltimore. I’m a Jersey Girl. I can’t let that NOT be known. (smiling winking face)

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