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Marketing Macabre is a niche company focused on helping independent filmmakers in the horror industry. They are breaking away from the traditional style of public relations. Horror genre professionals are able to create their own publicity campaign, one press release at a time if that’s what they desire. However, unique custom made packages are available for those who want something taylored specifically for their project. Social media services are also offered.

Marketing Macabre was designed to help no budget and low budget filmmakers who previously had no where else to turn for affordable marketing. Some recent movie campaigns include, ABDUCTION 101, ABEYANCE, AGRAMON’S GATE, CAPTURED, I AM NOT FOR SALE, THE FIGHT TO END HUMAN TRAFFICKING, LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2, MEATHOOK MASSACRE: THE FINAL CHAPTER, MOON OF THE BLOOD BEAST, MURDER MADE EASY, ROBOWOMAN, ROOM 9, THE UNSEEN, and TOXIC TUTU. They also launched successful campaigns for two shorts, THE PALE FACED LADY and SHED, and a online paranormal series, SHARE YOUR SCARE.

Filmmakers are not the only horror friends that have been helped by Marketing Macabre, as THE SCUMDANCE FILM FESTEIVAL and VOD pioneers AMERICAN HORRORS have benefited as well as the tech worlds newest app, SLASHER.

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