Creators Unite is a quarterly digital magazine that showcases the best in independent art and underground culture, with special emphasis on the horror aesthetic. From writing to filmmaking, illustration to music, even fashion to dance, we’re intimately familiar with the challenges indie creators face every day, and our magazine is designed to give you a leg up. With in-depth interviews of influential moviemakers and performers, gallery expositions of skilled artists, and original pieces written by some of the best independent authors working today, you’re sure to find something to learn, something to like, something to be delighted by in Creators Unite.

Inspired by high-end fashion magazines, Creators Unite focuses on the nuts-and-bolts of indie art creation in the age of the internet. In the Creator’s Corner feature, you’ll find brief interviews of movers and shakers, telling you the secret of their success. Our Vault of Creation includes the best of short fiction, art, film, and photography; and sections like Identikit, Passion Story, and Inception will bring you the inspiration you need to make your voice heard. To really get your creative engine running, we also offer Le Boudoir, where you’ll plunge into an in-depth interview of an influential member of the independent art community. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that’s so, you’ll be a millionaire browsing through the pages of Creators Unite, filled to burst with images to shock, amaze, and even excite. We’re pleased to partner with Vestra Pictures, and ILAB. As gigantic media conglomerates consume more and more of the market, indie content creators need to stick together to help each other succeed. That’s where Creators Unite truly shines: it’s by creators, for creators.

Besides all that great content, they’re also running a fantastic contest…

Call for entries:

Art & Horror Creation Contest!

The AHCA aims to reveal & promote talented artists on the global international creative scene. Take your chance to win the grand prize!

The Art & Horror Creation Award aims to reveal and promote talented artists on the global creative international scene. It is open to any artist, amateur or professional, with no limits of age or nationality. Our Prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: writing, drawing, painting, photography, digital art, filmmaking, sculpture, sound art, video, mixed media, decorative art, dancing, technology and more.

Our deadline for submitting entries:

Candidate applications must be completed online, plus our Entry Form sent to the jury by December 26th at midnight.

Click here for complete details!

The winner of the prize receives an award certificate, promotion on social media during one year and an exhibition in Creators Unite Magazine. Congrats to last year’s winner Chantal Handley… is proud to have Creators Unite as one of our awesome sponsors of our SFX Horror Makeup Contest. We can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done, and continue to do to support the contest and our site! We hope you’ll show them the same support you’ve shown us!

Please consider contributing to their Patreon Page:



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