“The X-Files” is one of the longest-running science fiction series in network TV history. It ran from 1993-2002, and even recently saw a limited return to TV. A show like that produces 100’s of 1000’s of fans, who show their dedication to it in different ways. was recently introduced to one of those fans, Jim Thornton. He runs The X-Files Preservation Collection, which preserves the history of this groundbreaking show with a collection props and wardrobe. Their goal is to create the first ever X-Files Museum! They just did a X-File display in Chicago on June 7-8th with alot of the cast and crew in attendance, and are looking for more X-Files fans to support them as they acquire more props/wardrobe at their expense.

Here are some of the pics of their collection that was on display in Chicago along with some of the cast and crew…

So whether you believe in aliens or not, please support this awesome collection by joining their Facebook group at:

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!

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