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Not only has Creators Unite Magazine sponsored our SFX Horror Makeup Contest, but they have now create an awesome collection of merchandise dedicated to and our contest. It’s a version of the blood soaked hand, which we use on some of our logos for the site. They included a ton of item such as shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, mugs, backpacks, phone cases, and even a teddybear! Check out the slide show below to see find the items that are right for you, and click here to start shopping! We also encourage you to visit their amazing shop at:

07/13/19 – 07/17/19

Creators Unite is a quarterly digital magazine that showcases the best in independent art and underground culture, with special emphasis on the horror aesthetic. From writing to filmmaking, illustration to music, even fashion to dance, we’re intimately familiar with the challenges indie creators face every day, and our magazine is designed to give you a leg up. With in-depth interviews of influential moviemakers and performers, gallery expositions of skilled artists, and original pieces written by some of the best independent authors working today, you’re sure to find something to learn, something to like, something to be delighted by in Creators Unite.

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The Art & Horror Creation Award aims to reveal and promote talented artists on the global creative international scene. It is open to any artist, amateur or professional, with no limits of age or nationality. Our Prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: writing, drawing, painting, photography, digital art, filmmaking, sculpture, sound art, video, mixed media, decorative art, dancing, technology and more.

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