Cucurbitophobia Invites You to Feel the Fear with their Latest Piano Composition “Requiem”

As someone who loves nothing more than eagerly ingesting the ominous tones of film scores which are fraught with tension, having the pleasure of discovering up and coming artist Cucurbitophobia, was an incredibly refreshing experience in melancholic aural gloom.

While many artists who create instrumental tracks endeavour to express emotion with the different textures, tonalities and timings of the notes, perhaps none do it as well as Ambient Neo-Classical Avant-Garde compositions such as the latest piece “Requiem”.

The NY based artist whose title is the official term for fear of pumpkins (we couldn’t help but be incredibly enamoured by that) has a deft command over their soundscapes and the ability to orchestrate a soundscape which envelops you until each rhythmic pulse in your body is intricately connected to the progressions.

You can throw yourself into the aural alchemy of Cucurbitophobia’s latest piece Requiem for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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