Exclusive Interview with “Scooter” Writer/Director Matt Wohl

Filmed in Florida, “Scooter” tells the story of a group of young social media stars that run into some trouble – scary trouble – while on a road trip. We spoke to writer/director Matt Wohl about the film.

-PH: Congrats on Scooter – it was filmed in Florida, I believe? Is that your home?

-Matt: Thank you. The entire film was shot in Florida. Actually, it was all shot in Miami Dade County. I do live in Florida, it makes a great backdrop.

-PH: Were you affected by the hurricane?

-Matt: No. It really missed us. The worst part was four days in a row they said, “it’s coming tomorrow.” That never happened.

-PH: Did you have to battle the weather at all when shooting?

-Matt: We had amazing weather for the time of year we shot. We shot in September and we didn’t get the afternoon rains that usually come. In fact, we had one scene that called for rain and we had to adapt it, because we got no rain. It could have gone down far differently. There was a storm in the tropics. It just never got to Florida.

-PH: How would you classify the film – – it would seem to be a nice mix of a few genres?

-Matt: It is a mix. It’s a thriller with comedic elements… I think.

-PH: And a little John Dahl, a little Hitcher in there? Any filmmaking influences here?

-Matt: Yeah, I love road movies where things go wrong. I also am a huge Coen’s fan, so I’m sure there’s some influence there. There’s also a bit of the original Blair Witch, and a touch of Cool Hand Luke.

-PH: Did you know the cast beforehand?

-Matt: I knew a few of them. It was my first time working with most of them. I used a Casting Agency called Beth Marshall Presents. They were great.

-PH: How physical were the roles they had to play here? Were they prepared to get bruised and battered for the sake of entertainment?

-Matt: There were definitely some physical challenges. For the most part, they were like boys. The more they got to play, the happier they were.

-PH: Obviously a movie like this plays nice on the big screen – that’s the plan, I believe, rolling it out around the country?

-Matt: Yeah, below is a list of our upcoming screenings. We’d love for this to catch on and have a broader release.

Miami, FL Sept. 12 Regal South Beach Stadium 12
Orlando, FL Sept. 19 Regal Winter Park villageSstadium 20
Burlington, VT Sept. 26 Merrill’s Roxy Cinemas
Los Angeles, CA Oct. 2 Cinemark 18 & XD
Denver, CO Oct. 10 Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake
New York , NY Oct. 16 UA Court Street 12 & RPX
Atlanta, GA Oct. 24 Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Boston, MA OCT 29 Landmark Embassy
Sarasota, FL Nov. 6 AMC Sarasota 12 & IMAX
Austin, TX Nov 14 Alamo Drafthouse Mueller

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