9 More Lost Ed Wood Books Re-Published for First Time Since the Sleazy 70s!

It’s a great day for Ed Wood fans! Nine more of his incredibly hard to find novels from the late 60s to mid 70s have been re-published. They’re now available on Amazon and can finally be owned and enjoyed for the first time in five decades!

They have been painstakingly retyped from the original tiny text (on aged, yellow paper) to a larger, clearer text (on exceptional cream paper). Countless hours have been toiled formatting and silently correcting typos for a new, refreshing read. It’s an Ed Wood miracle, bringing these lost gospels the curious modern age. Some titles even bare the original covers, while others have been given a fresh make-over, by some of today’s top graphic artists.

The stories include luscious lesbians, innocent transvestites, curious bisexuals, necrophiliacs, shrinks eager to understand their patients’ sexual abnormalities, all-female motorcycle gangs, and much, much more sordid insanity!

Edward D. Wood, Jr. is probably best known for his “so-bad-they’re-good” B-movies, such as Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), Glen or Glenda (1953), Bride of the Monster (1955) and Night of the Ghouls (1959). He has been considered by the ignorant public as the Worst Director of All Time. It is much less commonly know that he was a prolific novelist, cranking out adult paperbacks from the mod Sixties to the late Seventies. His film work pales in comparison to the juicy, passionate adult storytelling that oozes from his novels. Wood wrote approximately eighty books, many under various pseudonyms, with a handful of small time publishers that are now defunct.

After a premature death in 1978, Wood wasn’t celebrated until Johnny Depp lovingly portrayed him in the charming Tim Burton film, Ed Wood (1994). Many documentaries, like the movie, fail to mention or shine light on the fact that Eddie had achieved so much in the literary world, one of the most prolific writers ever. His widow, Kathy, re-published a few of the books back in the late 90s, delighting fans worldwide. But many were left to wonder about the other stories. Most titles were recorded but the work was lost, discarded, or hoarded.

Searching for the coveted mysterious paperbacks became an cult-like obsession, a treasure hunt for those intrigued by the ultimate literary bizarre. Occasionally, they appear in auctions, but the asking price is always astronomical. A several hundred-dollar price tag is not uncommon. They’re usually snatched up, fleeting like a ghost leopard in the dead of night, leaving the loyal Ed Wood fan sad and dismayed, until now. Thanks to Old Virginian Publishers and their team’s past ten years of hard work, these out-of-print novels have been rescued from literary obscurity.

So make sure you’re alone, turn the lights down low and pour yourself a stiff double. You’ve got a date with the girls, the boys and everything in-between, in these racy, horrifying, controversial and erotic novels! Reading for the mature adult only! Collect all nine (before they disappear again for another fifty years).

Forced Entry

The Love of the Dead

Nighttime Lez

One, Two, Three

Sex Museum

TV Lust

The Only House

The Oralists

Hell Chicks

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