Creepypastas are horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide, and otherworldly occurrences. 

There are many sites that carry Creepypasta, but we want to introduce you to is a website where you can consume as much scary short stories as you can handle. Our creepypastas can be read, or listened to, or watched. These stories have been made by hundreds of talented storytellers that enjoy spooking people out. There are classics like ones involving the Slenderman or Jeff the Killer or Smile Dog, and newer ones that are quickly becoming just as infamous. A few of our curated creepypastas have also been written exclusively by Creepee!

In our Lore section you can learn the origins of your favorite creepypastas. Find out whether there is any truth behind the stories, and how they have spread across the internet and into our pop culture.

Check out a few of their recent stories like…

The Woodsman

My name isn’t important. Who I am isn’t important. The only thing that matters is a single question. Read it carefully, then read it again.

Is it better to live a tortured existence, or to not exist at all?

This isn’t an academic question. It matters. It matters because you have to decide. Right now. I couldn’t live with the weight of that question. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t do it alone. So I came here.

I found this story, handwritten, in an untitled book. It may read roughly the same for each of you — but that’s because you weren’t here for the first. I tried to fix it, but I only made it worse.

I tried. I really tried. If you change the words… Lifeless.

If you stop halfway… Lifeless.

It’s hard to explain what I mean by lifeless, so it’s best if you just experience it. Because it’s your problem now, if you want it… I’m done. I understand if you hate me too after this, but right now you need to decide… (Continue here)

If It’s Raining Outside and It Doesn’t Make a Sound, Don’t Go Outside

The day started like any other normal day would.

I made my way to work at around 10am to open my shop. I run an electronics repair store with a friend of mine. We aren’t particularly busy, but it pays the bills. And next month, everyone’s gonna be upgrading their phones. It’s gonna be a busy month and hopefully, it’ll make up for how slow September’s been.

So I opened my store like any other day. My buddy wouldn’t be coming in until around 3pm. I open, he closes. He has chemo in the morning most days so he can’t really make it any earlier. It’s really such a terrible shame, he’s only 26. But I guess some people just get unlucky.

The forecast called for rain today, and I could tell it would be on it’s way any minute now. The front of my store is covered in large panes of glass, so you could see most of the parking lot. It’s quite peaceful when it storms, even if it tends to kill business for the day. You can usually hear the rains gentle pitter patter against the window. Usually.

Until one day. Today… (Continue here)

I Applied For a Deep Web Job, I Don’t Think I’m the First

Hi, my name is Jeremy, recently i got laid off by my horrible boss, found a website for ‘Deep Web Jobs’ and applied for House Sitting. I also recently read Chris’s shiftf, and I think we applied for the same job. ‘Mr. Salazar’ emailed me something along the same lines, I’ll paste his email here.

Your Application Has Been Accepted!

Thank you for applying to the house sitting job, you will stay at the house from 12am until 4am, and you must follow these rules. Your money will arrive at 6am after your shift.

Always, no matter what you hear or see, stay in the bedroom.

Either don’t bring your phone, or if you do, do not turn it on, even if you get a notification, I will not email you during your shift.

Arrive at 12 or a little before 12 if you arrive past 12, do not enter the house, and send me an email.

From 12 until 1 you are allowed to roam the house but make sure to be in the upstairs bedroom by 1, turn all lights off, lock the doors, and close the blinds… (Continue here)

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