Neon Horror Zine is here to uplift voices from the LGBTQIA+ community in horror and also source funding for LGBTQIA+ charities in the UK.

For our first zine anthology, Neon Horror, we called for creators during Pride month this year, who identify in the LGBTQIA+community. We put out the call for the brightest horror art and writing. Often we find horror to be somewhat limited to black, white and red. We wanted to show that horror can also be bright and colorful.

We had many submissions of illustrations, comics, flash fiction, and illustrated stories. We are so proud to support these incredibly talented creators and look forward to publishing their work for you to enjoy.

Some of the creators include…

L. S. Reinholt and Minerva Cerridwen

M. Lopes da Silva

Ava Kelly


Lou Graves

Hailey Piper

Dark Lunch Studio


Paul Jon Milne

Die Booth


Anastasia Catris

Lisa Jones and Eva ‘Wolfie’ Gnatiuk

Lezzie Borden

Here’s a couple of examples of their work…

In total this anthology will have over 80 plus pages of amazing queer horror content, plus creator interviews!

Please help make it happen for these artists, and support their campaign today at:

There are plenty of awesome rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign including…

-A downloadable neon horror cover art for your computer or phone wallpaper

-A print copy of the full color A5 zine anthology

-You get the full color, printed A5 neon horror anthology and stickers

-Get our brand new queer horror, hard enamel pin! * Plus a mystery pin revealed after funding

Besides supporting their campaign, you will also be supporting charities. They’re also going to split the funds and send half of what they make to their chosen charities Mermaids in the UK and The Tie Campaign.

More background on the Creators of this Campaign:

Artemisia’s Axe and the Corpse’s Tongue, a small publishing house was created by two queer artists Jessica and Jonas of the limited company The Haunted Bouncy Castle based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The collective was started with the intention of creating a space to uplift horror creators. As artists who love creating horror art, we have always felt like we didn’t have a place in or access to the larger art world and/or creative opportunities.

Artemisia’s Axe was created so we could have a space for artists like us who enjoy creating horror, who wish to share their work in a safe and uplifting space.

Visit Neon Horror Zine on Crowdfunder to…

-Read more about the Horror Zine and its creators

-Learn why they love horror

-Check out the charities they’re donating to

-Find out all the details on the available rewards

For more information, please visit:

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