The world ended. Then they had an election. Lection is an indie thriller about a local election in a post-apocalyptic society. When you run for office in this village, you literally run. And fight. And cheat, lie and steal. Anything to amass more followers and more power. With food running out and unrest growing, a political upstart challenges an entrenched mayor. Vote or die.


Mike Amason, Sanethian Dresch, Jennifer Hill, Bradley J. Petit, Cleveland Langdale, and Kate Kiddo

Directed and Written by:

David Axe

Produced by:

David Axe, Mike Amason, John Lepper, Adam Whitton, Elaine Laylah Hammond

“There’s a lot to unpack in this film. It’s clearly low-budget, but a great example of how good a film can be without burning cash. The set, acting, and cinematography are all outstanding. Definitely one to watch with a friend and talk about after”

“Really well done on a shoestring budget and worth the watch.”

“The music here was a highlight for me, from almost eighties style synth, to the constant appearance of drumming that looked to be played on screen by characters, and which added tempo and urgency to scenes…I found the unique way it is laid out to really make it feel like something far different to anything I have seen lately.”

“More than anything else, Lection is a parable about human behaviour in politics, as while the setting of the film is very much removed from our own, the situations are not. And the fact that this film is almost dialogue-free only adds to its effect, as does its rather sparing costume and set design that lacks any grandeur to detract from the story but has some archaic effect all the same. And of course, a solid and dedicated cast really help making this work. Well worth a look for sure.”

The world ended.

Then they had an election.

In LECTION, you vote or die!

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