“In Mister Alexander’s neighborhood, it gets very dark very early.”

– Steve DuBois

“The nine stories in Michael Alexander’s creepy collection, Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves, explore the creepier side of humanity. The tone is set by ‘A Profound Impact’ and doesn’t let up. He takes on some of the standard horror tropes but also explores new grounds, all the while staying faithful to the theme that there are some very scary things out there, and you’d better be afraid.”

– Vincent Moore

Professor of English & Humanities, Tiffin University

Author of Emily Dickinson, Ninja Assassin

“In Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves, Michael Jess Alexander takes the reader on a thrill-ride through his haunted imagination. Be sure to hold on tight! There are plenty of twists and turns you won’t see coming until it is too late. By the time you manage to avert your gaze, the seeds of nightmare will have already been planted.”

– Lamont A. Turner

“It depends on what you fear more, visiting the dead or being visited by the dead, which of these “nine macabre tales” you will find the most macabre. Will you be haunted more by living (and dying) the last moment of a laser-sliced brain, or by the returning soul able to possess many bodies at once, or by the experience of being eaten alive? Regardless of which one digs deepest into your anxieties, you won’t soon forget any of the stories in Michael Jess Alexander’s Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves.”

– H. L. Hix

Author of Demonstrategy

Those are just a few of the fantastic things being said about…

From cultish rituals to cosmic horror, Michael Jess Alexander’s collection of horror fiction will leave you disquieted and unsettled.

In “Chatterbox,” a college professor is haunted by the spirit of a former student.

A Profound Impact” tells the story of a lost group of people who finally find a place they belong.

In “Space For Amateurs,” a science experiment goes horribly awry.

These tales and six others await you in this haunting volume of horror fiction.

“A remarkable collection of scary, unique horror stories!”

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About Author Michael Jess Alexander

Michael Jess Alexander teaches high school English in Newcastle, Wyoming. His work can be found in SERIAL Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, The J.J. Outré Review, Dark Fire Fiction, and Jitter Press, among others. His first collection, Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves, is being published by Spooky House Press. He is a lifelong fan of all things spooky – a passion his very sweet wife tolerates and his equally sweet daughters encourage.

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‘Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves’ is being published by Spooky House Press

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