Inspired by old school anthology horror films like “Tales From The Crypt“, “Creepshow“, and “Tales From the Darkside The Movie“, as well as creepy episodic television such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents“, Heinous Acts is a modern twist on short subject horror stories combined into one non-stop nail-biting feature film. A small town police force has investigated some of the most unspeakable crimes imaginable. When the department’s file clerk breaks into the evidence room to show the files to a new employee she is completely unprepared for the depravity that follows.


Claudia Wit, Sydney Kondruss, Luke Gallo, James McDougall, Jennifer Krukowski, Tom Nelson, Elena Nico, Daniel Cristofori, and E.M. White

Directed by:

Tim Hannigan


“The script of Heinous Acts has some really great ideas. Each of the segments is unique and either surprisingly funny or intriguing. I was not expecting this anthology to have so many great lines and story premises… it’s really apparent that the script for Heinous Acts knows exactly what it’s doing. The “Rural Myths” segment, in particular, is both creepy and extremely fun “The Baby Monitor,”… also verges on the truly creepy. You really have to admire a filmmaker like Hannigan for tackling such an ambitious project and, despite its technical follies, still rising above it all as an emerging writer-director to keep your eye on.”

“Altogether, Heinous Acts is a somewhat uneven, yet perfectly watchable, horror anthology film.”

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