We’re happy to announce we are almost done with our first publication “Atlas of Lore – Oregon.” In this issue, we will have 5 original short horror stories based on Oregon’s haunted lore. We are also including the legends behind the stories in the issue along with original art, photography, articles, and a re-release of an H.P Lovecraft classic short story. If you love ghost stories, lore, and great horror art this is for you.

5 Original Stories From Horror Authors World Wide

Slice – A haunted pizza joint gets terrifying.

When The Bandage Man Finds You – A haunted coastal highway horror story

Anna Byrne Chronicles Chapters 1 and 2 – Anna learns a bit about her father’s paranormal discoveries and encounters her first haunting.

The Haunting of The White Eagle – A tale of paranormal investigators finding what they thought they were looking for.

Rose (graphic short) – Origin story of a famous ghost in a downtown Portland hotel.

Stories by:

Mary Farnstrom
Jon Richter
Tyson Strong
Felipe Kroll

Art and Photography by:

Mary Farnstrom
Felipe Kroll

“Atlas of Lore is for supernatural horror fans. Our first issue is all about Oregon’s most haunted locations and original short stories and art related to the lore. We also have reviews and a revived Lovecraftian Tale, with over 100 pages of lore, stories, and art we got a little something for everyone.”

This issue is scheduled to ship in August.

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About Puzzle Box Horror

The mysteries of horror and the lore are fascinating and sometimes macabre (and we love them). We’re a growing community of paranormal horror fans, storytellers, and creators. Sound like your tribe? Welcome to Puzzle Box Horror.

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