Campfire Radio Theater Presents ‘The Resurrectionist’

The latest release from the audio drama anthology Campfire Radio Theater is a nightmare-fueled 2 part horror tale, The Resurrectionist, written by John Ballentine and starring Jessica McEvoy, Owen Bevan and Joe Stofko! Return to to a 1970s era of cultists, witchcraft and CB radios. The story revolves around a young girl traveling cross country with her trucker father pursued by a mysterious cult. Jamie possesses a unique gift that allows her to speak with the dead. Unfortunately, this has made her the target of an insidious cult leader who will stop at nothing to take advantage of her uncanny abilities. Along the way, they gain allies, both living and deceased.

Earbuds or headphones are recommended to experience the full effect of 3D audio! Have a seat by the fire and listen to The Resurrectionist as well as other Campfire Radio Theater audio tales free at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your pod provider of choice.

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