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Duke the killer carousel unicorn has been on the road since the first movie ended. He exacted his revenge on the abusive child, Lunchbox, and is ready to take on a blast from the past…..his Nazi creators! CarousHELL: The 2nd will follow Duke as he explores his newfound fatherhood, connecting with the unicorn/human hybrid child he accidentally sired in the previous film. While the focus is on the heartwarming tale of father and son, don’t be fooled! There is plenty of mayhem and murder in store for this chapter of Duke’s story. We will be exploring Duke’s origin, as well as the evil that created him.

Our cast already has several folks attached. Steve Rimpici is back as Duke himself. Experienced voice actor Brittany Barnebei has joined the team as Robbie. Aleen Isley will be shifting from being only a co-writer to our lead villain. This film will also be the first time we work with the very talented Rebecca Rinehart, also joining as a villain.

The team CarousHELL: The 2nd will be a reunion for many people on the original creative team. Steve Rudzinski and Aleen Isley return to co-pen the script. Steve will also be directing the film while Aleen will be stepping on screen to play Ilsa, the head of the nazi villains. Cody Ruch, the man responsible for the amazing practical effects on the first film, will be bringing his maddening skills back for us as well, beginning with the design for Robbie, Duke’s son. See the casting information for more details on who is back from the original cast!

Horrorbuzz- rated in the top ten horror films of 2016
“This movie exemplifies to me the best of what the independent horror scene can be.”

Gross Movie Reviews- Top 10 of 2016
“‘CarousHELL’ is absurd, absolutely unrealistic, completely ridiculous, and I LOVE IT!!!”

iHorror top 5 of 2016
“…Silver Spotlight Films pack this movie out with some impressively gruesome practical effects to accompany Duke’s murderous one-liners.”

Diabolique Magazine- top 5 of 2016
“As I sat there watching a woman have sex with a homicidal fairground horse with the horn (both literally and figuratively), my heart was Foal of love.”

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