You Will Know The Name Of Evil…

Years after encountering an unholy evil during a seance, a blogger searches for the whereabouts of his friend who went missing that night. His search for the truth uncovers a dark secret from his hometown’s violent history, as well as the onset of the apocalypse.


Chase Anderson, Cynthia Gilpin, and Lance Sizemore

Directed by:

C. J. Schmeltz

Now that you’re prepared to be haunted…

That’s not all! If you haven’t seen the original film then you’re haunting isn’t over yet…

Watch “The Haunting” below, the film that started it all!

It tells the story of a new homeowner who, just days after moving in, begins to see and hear things in his house. Before long, he becomes the target of a malevolent entity, who will stop at nothing until he is gone, or dead.

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