VEROTIKA Premieres on Shudder Sept. 24!

VEROTIKA premieres on Shudder in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on Sept. 24 as part of our 61 Days of Halloween celebration.

Starring: Ashley Wisdom, Rachel Alig, and Alice Tate

Directed and written by: Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, is a horror anthology that compiles stories from Danzig’s line of comic books of the same name. Stories which focus on horror content that’s often sexual and violent in nature, usually featuring scantily-clad female protagonists.

Horror has been a key element of metal and punk legend Glenn Danzig’s aesthetic—in his music, his live shows and his comics. In a meaningful way, his work has been influenced by the genre and has gone on to influence it in return. Now with VEROTIKA, Danzig has made his long-awaited feature directing debut, crafting an outrageous film that is 100% unmistakably his creative vision, one we’re confident saying is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

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