Open The Veil Between The Living And The Dead This October…

Editor William Simmons reveals Stories the Dead Know…

20 Terrifying Tales for Halloween! Respected genre masters and unjustly ignored authors explore the October Country with both classic and rare horror and supernatural stories with terrifying tales of witches and demons, faerie and specters.

Halloween…Samhain…Nut Crack night…Dia de los Muertos…on this night, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls cross into our realm, the familiar turns strange, and our most intimate fears are unmasked. A night of dark wonder and magic, mystery and the macabre. A Season of the Dead….

Experience Halloween like never before with Season of the Dead: Supernatural Horror for Halloween

Acclaimed horror author and editor William Simmons whisks you to a time when the treats were horrifying, the tricks deadly, and people feared the dead. In his introduction, Stories the Dead Know, he examines Halloween’s folklore, history, and literature.

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Shadow House Publishing has also recently brought readers titles like…

THE MONSTER-MAKER”, by W.C. Morrow, is a rare macabre masterpiece that quietly helped shape the evolution of weird fiction.First published as “The Surgeon’s Apprentice” (1881), this hybrid of horror, science fiction, and mystery shocked 19th century audiences and retains its power to disturb and confront.

The first volume in Shadow House Publishing’s Penny Dread!fuls series, ”THE MONSTER-MAKER” is a controversial thriller of mad science, marital mayhem, and the macabre. Pulp fiction thrills are heightened by serious social commentary, including scathing indictments of domestic abuse, insanity, and megalomania.

THE THING IN THE WOODS, by HARPER WILLIAMS, is a powerful story of sin, science, and the supernatural set in rural America. This terrifying novel is equal parts pulp thriller, mystery, and supernatural sensation.

A country doctor visiting a small village races to discover who—or what—is murdering the locals. Could it be a werewolf, as the locals whisper, the ghost of a murdered man, or a madman? A shocking battle between science and the supernatural wages amidst small town prejudice and cruelty as the doctor fights to save the woman he loves…and his soul.

Written by the author of the VELVETEEN RABBIT (which she published under her real name Margery Williams Bianco), this obscure classic of werewolf literature is a bloody bible of authentic legend and lore. This horror hallmark is surprisingly modern and deserves to more widely enjoyed. Perhaps no other novel as skillfully represents the fury, tragedy, and dread of this shapeshifting phenomenon.

A PHANTOM LOVER: A FANTASY or OKE OF OKEHURST, by VERNON LEE, is a novel of sin, sensuality, and the supernatural. This horrific romance of evil from the tragic past returns to haunt a new generation.

In this authoritative (and affordable) special edition, Lee’s use of psychological terror, obsession, and ambiguity is as refined as Henry James and captures the sublime beauty of gothic horror.

Vernon Lee (pseudonym for Violet Paget) was a femme fatale of the Decadent aesthetic movement, a lesbian art critic who revealed the subversive nature of reality and the malignant power of history with scathing social criticism. This novella is her most powerful achievement.

A loving but ineffectual husband, a narcissistic wife who taunts him with the dead, and a lost spirit form the weirdest love triangle in literature. Alice Oke is selfish, self-indulgent, and fancies herself the reincarnation of a tragic ancestress who murdered her paramour. Is Alice delusional or will her wedding bed become a grave?

About Author & Editor William Simmons

“[William Simmons’] anthologies are carefully crafted, the stories bleeding into each other with seamless precision.” – Maynard & Sims, Demon Eyes.

William Simmons guides readers through centuries of All Hallows fiction and folklore in:

“Avoiding horror’s traditional icons and their premeasured fright potential, Simmons crafts impression packed sketches in which characters made vulnerable by overpowering emotions find their reality giving imperceptibly-but irrisistably-away to a disturbing surreality.”- Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher’s Weekly finds William Simmons…scary.

Simmons “…evokes both Ray Bradbury and Joyce Carol Oates.” – Peter Bell, All Hallows

William Simmons is an acclaimed author, critic, anthologist, and journalist specializing in supernatural horror fiction. Eight of his stories received ‘Honorable Mentions’ in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. His collection By Reason of Darkness received rave reviews from Cemetery Dance, All Hallows, and Publisher’s Weekly, who called him “a writer whose approach is both original and refreshingly unconventional.”

William loves to speak horror with fans and readers, and is available for podcast appearances and interviews. Contact him at Facebook (@WilliamsSimmonsAuthor), Twitter (@SimmonsofNight), Goodreads, and Amazon Author Central

Bring the Horror Home!

“Preserving Our Horror Heritage”

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