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Daily Blogs

Each day check back for a new blog from Lachelle, Kristina, or Carson! Need ideas for Halloween parties, activities, or treats? Our Horror Moms have got you covered!


Looking to include your entire family in the spirit of Halloween? So are we! We have gotten our kids involved to help bring a diverse look for our readers to find something their whole family can enjoy!

Special Guests

Just who is joining us for our first ever Horrorween? We have reached out to other moms who love Halloween and horror movie as well as celebrity guests!

We have interviewed Justin Shenkarow and Jason Marsden from Eerie, Indiana previously but for Horrorween we have show creator Karl Shaeffer stopping by to discuss not just his time on Eerie but how the horror genre for television has changed since the 90s as he compare and contrast his time with Eerie with his time with his newer shows Z-Nation and Black Summer.

Those are just a few things to expect. Make sure to visit Horrorween daily for new blog posts, special guest announcements, a new theme each week, and more…

WEEK 1 Sept. 30-Oct. 7

Lachelle, Kristina, and Carson are joined by their kids to discuss popular family entertainment for Halloween as well as some of their childhood favorites.

We will also be joined by Karl Shaeffer, show creator for Eerie, Indiana, Sy Channel’s Z-Nation, and Netflix’s Black Summer.

WEEK 2 Oct. 8-15

Everyone interested in horror is familiar with Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, or the Universal Classics but what about Hammer Classics? Join us as we examine the classics and compare their use in modern entertainment.

WEEK 3 Oct 16-23

Ghosts are an ever popular topic with our team. This is one of our favorite subgenres at Blood Reign. Everyone here has at least one favorite movie. This week features reviews of movies & podcasts as well as profiles of paranormal investigators.

FINAL GIRLS Oct 24-Nov 13

Technically its more than a week but in order to truly showcase classic and modern horror icons we had to give the powerhouses the most time.

Encompassing Halloween to Friday the 13th we are hosting tweet-a-thons, movie marathons of Halloween & Friday the 13th (among others), and much more! Capped off by a special appearance by Ari Lehman from Friday the 13th.


Have a favorite haunted investigation show on tv or podcast or have you been legend tripping and have a favorite location? Carson Fox is building profiles and would love to include them for Horrorween!

About Blood Reign Lit

Since its inception in 2013 Blood Reign has had the goal to educate, publish, and promote new authors in the horror genre. In our seven years we have expanded into interviewing New York Times Best Selling Authors and currently looking to branch out into podcasting.

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