HORROR SHOP RADIO Podcast to Premiere October 30 with Episode One: MISCHIEF NIGHT!

Horror Shop Films presents
Tales of Torment that will TERRIFY you…DISTURB you…and UNNERVE you!

From the twisted mind of Writer/Director/Producer Matthew Burd, comes a monthly, episodic Horror Fiction Anthology podcast, dramatized with elements of Old Time Radio Theater!

The podcast will feature Original Scary Stories, brought to life in an Audio-Play format by a revolving cast of talented Voice-Over Actors, with Original Scores from acclaimed Composers! As show creator Matthew Burd describes, “The idea is to create something equally creepy and entertaining. I’d like listeners to feel like they are experiencing a horror film, with everything included but the visuals. It should allow you to become totally immersed in the story and create your own visuals in your mind….to form your own interpretations of what you’re hearing and what it would look like. Some of the stories are even inspired by true events I remember throughout my life, just with some added macabre thrown in!”

The show’s theme songs and music for various episodes were composed by Steve Vil of the industrial-metal band Teknokill. Vil has composed music for numerous films including previous Horror Shop Films’ productions The Pizza Man, Tree Farm, and No Clowning Around, as well as 2 other films entitled Grace & The Storm and Coma. Lead Composer Steve Vil says, “I approached the music the same way I would a film score- I created creepy atmospheres and incidental music specifically to build tension. Sound is going to be very important to this podcast because it’s going to have to create the visual in your head.”

Other talented composers will also add to the production, including Brett Reed of Kontrol Phreak, whose music will be featured in the pilot episode of Horror Shop Radio.

Horror Shop Radio: Season 1 will premiere on October 30, with the appropriately titled Pilot episode “Mischief Night.” The story centers around two boys who go out for a night of harmless fun, but find out what happens when they go poking around all the wrong places! Season One will include 8-10 monthly episodes, featuring an original story each month.

Horror Shop Radio will be available on just about every podcast platform you would listen on including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music/Audible, TuneIn + Alexa, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, Listen Notes, Player FM, and more.

You can now listen to the Launch Trailer on any of these platforms, as well as a few more to be added in the future. As you can imagine, a full production like this is quite the undertaking. A Patreon has also been established to help with production costs and to promote the growth of the show, which you can access at https://www.patreon.com/horrorshopradio. As the Launch date draws near, Horror Shop Radio looks forward to sharing their nightmares with you very soon!

Horror Shop Films previously produced various Award-Winning Short Horror Films including The Pizza Man, Tree Farm, Cuts Right Over, as well as No Clowning Around and Late Night at the Horror Hotel in association with You’ve Been Robbed Films.

Website: www.horrorshopradio.com
Facebook: facebook.com/horrorshopradio

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