Campfire Radio Theater Presents The Thing on the Ground Floor

Deep within the graffiti covered corridors of an abandoned metropolitan high rise stirs an ancient terror… “The Thing on the Ground Floor”.

Campfire Radio Theater, presents their annual Halloween tale, starring Tanja Milojevic, John Bell, Linda Wojtowick, Owen McCuen and Mike Fox. “The Thing on the Ground Floor”, a two part audio epic, takes us to All Hallows’ eve a year ago as a cops reality show film crew uncovers an unspeakable horror hiding under the city. What you will hear is the “lost” found footage tape of their harrowing experiences.

Campfire Radio Theater is an award winning horror anthology featuring full cast production and cinematic level sound design with original music score by Kevin Hartnell. Earbuds or headphones are recommended to experience the full effect of 3D audio as ghosts whisper in your ear and nightmarish zombies munch on a leg bone!

Have a seat by the fire and listen to “The Thing on the Ground Floor” as well as other Campfire Radio Theater audio tales this Halloween season free at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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