“The Nights Before Christmas” Comes to DVD and Online Platforms

Following an epic blood-soaked festival run that left horror fans in a frenzy, Dystopian Films’ THE NIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS comes to DVD and all online platforms in the UK on Monday 2nd November through Kaleidoscope Entertainment. A new trailer with suitably festive music marks the release.

The Christmas slasher-thriller recently screened at Canada’s Blood in The Snow Festival, The USA’s Salem Horror Festival and closed the UK’s prestigious FrightFest where it shocked even hardened horror fans with a scene where a psychopathic Santa Claus dismembers a lawyer in a corporate bathroom with a pair of pruning shears.

Producer Ken Bressers said “Forget the safety of Hallmark type Christmas movies… Santa and Mrs Claus are making a list and there’s a lot of kills on it!” Reviewers described it as “constantly amping up the fun and switching on the gory decorations” while horrorsociety.com said “the level of gore and depravity throughout is outstanding… this is Hollywood star quality.”

In the run up to Christmas, a murderous Santa and Mrs Claus rampage their way through a series of gruesome killings. FBI Special Agent Natalie Parker is tasked with tracking the pair of psychotic serial killers and discovering what links their victims. With the body count rising, she discovers the couple met in and escaped from an asylum for the criminally insane. As Christmas day nears, the psychotic couple slaughter their way through their special naughty list, playing a cat and mouse game with the FBI and leaving a trail of gruesome bloody bodies in their wake.

The Nights Before Christmas is directed by Paul Tanter and stars Kate Schroder, Marc Gammal, Simon Phillips, Sayla De Goede, Keegan Chambers and Anne-Carolyn Binnette.

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