The Ancient Egyptian Ghost, Aneksi, And The Demon Sabanion Make Their Harrowing And Bloody Escape From Containment Facility-4…

Spectress & Sabanion is a supernatural horror story about Aneksi, the ghost of Cleopatra’s top assassin.  Aneksi has lived as a ghost for centuries and has learned to rejoin the world of the living.  She is at the cusp of finding purpose in her unlife in the modern world of the living.  She is, however, bound by an ancient curse to a demon named Sabanion.  As Aneksi pushes more into the world of the living, she must drag Sabanion with her.  

Issue #2 continues the story of Spectress and her demon partner, Sabanion, and their bloody escape from Containment Facility-4.  They go up against the Moon Crew, the wardens of CONFAC-4, and the Exorcists, priests that wield the unknown power of The Sacred Forlorn.

Created by:

Kurt Zauer – Writer

Topper Helmers – Artist

Wesley Wong – Colorist

Wes Locher – Letterer

Chris Ehnot – Cover Artist

Mog Park – Cover Artist 


“Let’s face it, when you deal with ghosts and demons we’re all a bit intrigued but add into the mix Egyptians and soldiers and the intrigue factor raises exponentially…get yourself a copy and check it out. This is fun, exciting and different than anything you are currently reading.”



There’s nothing quite like Spectress & Sabanion, but if you enjoy fast pacing, tension, mystery and the macabre (Hellraiser, Immortal Hulk, Justice League Dark, the works of Cullen Bunn) this is the book for you!

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-The Kickstarter Convention Special! Cover artist Chris Ehnot (B) or Mog Park (C) will add a sketch and signature to their original cover art.

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