‘Fashion and the Fashionable Demon, A Robert Diablo Tale’ New from Author William Pattison

Short Story: Fashion and the Fashionable Demon, A Robert Diablo Tale

Author: William Pattison

Publisher: In association with WCP Enterprises Publishing

Website: https://authorericmorse.weebly.com/

Release Date: November 11th 2020

Get a copy of the free PDF or listen to the audiobook at:

King of Splatter Punk and author of The Camp Crystal Lake novels, William Pattison is back and he has brought back Robert Diablo with Fashion and the Fashionable Demon his free short story and audiobook that tells the tale of what happens when you have a torture demon from hell in a manor with a dysfunction family in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I love the world of Robert Diablo. It is a world populated with interesting characters that have a lot to say.” –Author William Pattison

Review: “Thank you to the author. It (the story) was funny. It made me smile in places, which has been a rare thing this year.” -Amy Russell, Wicked Things Blog


Welcome back to the world of Robert Diablo…

The Blackthorn family is trapped in their manor house because of the Covid-19 virus. The resident demon from Hell, Robert Diablo is having a field day causing mischief. But when he is discovered by the twin sisters of the Blackthorn family he is given the opportunity of his year. The Blackthorn twins are having issues maintaining their social status while in quarantine and they enter a Faustian deal with Robert to remedy this. They plan to use Robert to present to their subscribers and peers on ViewTube a fashionable demon. But they don’t realize Robert has plans of his own…

Fashion and the Fashionable Demon is King of Splatter Punk William Pattison’s return to dark comedic horror. It is a story that you won’t forget…

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