Official Selections for FIXION Fest

Feature Length Films

Abigail. Alexander Boguslavskiy, Rusia (Russian Federation).
Stranger. Dmitriy Tomashpolski, Ucrania (Ukraine).
Anonymus Animals. Baptiste Rouveure, Francia (France).
Stay Out, Stay Alive. Dean Yurke, USA.
Loop. Bruno Bini, Brasil (Brazil).
Rendez-vous. Pablo Olmos Arrayales, México.
Woman Of The Photographs. Takeshi Kushida, Japan.
Artik. Tom Botchii, USA.
Bad Candy. Scott Hansen, Desiree Connell, USA.

Medium Length Films

  • Klausentreiben – Facing Krampus. Raphaela Selge, Germany.
  • The Tell-Tale Heart – A Musicabre. Danny Ashkenasi, USA.
  • Bunker Or Tales I Heard When The World Fell. João Estrada, Portugal.
  • The Great Buddha Arrival. Hiroto Yokokawa, Japan.
  • La Parte Oscura. Max Coronel, Argentina.
  • Ex-Wife Monogatari. Zihao Su, Hong Kong.
  • Struwwelerror. Lenny Heller, Germany.
  • Padmavyuha. Raj Krishna, USA.

Videoclips (Music Videos)

  • Himno Leonardo Da Vinci. Christian Abascal Silva, Chile-Italy.
  • Oh Sees – Gholü. Leo Nicholson, USA.
  • Erii – Fuego. Mateo Builes, Colombia.
  • Alison & The Twins – Something Strange. David Nguyen, Switzerland.
  • Asian She – Competitive Mourning. Kevin Beauchamp y Mando López, USA.
  • Atlas. Jim Vieille, France.
  • La Specie – Despertar (Director’s Cut). Manuel Baldoceda Cerdán, Peru.
  • Handsome Johnny – Johnny And The Devil. Matty Jorissen, Netherlands.
  • Lay Waste Child. Aaron Guadamuz, USA.
  • Loof – Full Moon Breath. Javier Yañez Sanz, Spain.
  • MØRD – Satanas. Toby Wulff, Germany.
  • Pick Up Artist. Mario Alexander Schuster, Germany.
  • Raíces Napalm – Sobrevive Al Crecer. Edwin Arellano, Ecuador.
  • Zedr – Polvere. Andrea Nevi, Italy.
  • Lucy Daydream – Red. Alexander Stephens, USA.
  • Ido B Zooki – Jaguar. Alon Daniel, Israel.
  • Fierce Mild – No Sense. Stephanie Peters, Australia.
  • Requiem For The Living. Jaroslaw Gogolin, United Kingdom.
  • Marinas Found – The World is More than Me. Arthur Feltraco, Brazil.
  • Alestorm – Shit Boat (No Fans). Simon Norton, Australia.
  • Luke Kay – KLAÜD. Aurélia Mengin, Reunion.

USA-Canada Short Films

  • Deathyard. Daniel Ballard y Taylor Hellhake, USA.
  • Face Yours Fears. Neil Stevens, USA.
  • Septaria. Sarah McDaniel y Courtney Carter, USA.
  • Adima. Harinarayan Rajeev, Canada.
  • Death’s Toll. Spencer Hetherington, Canada.
  • Pepper. Kate Felix, Canada.
  • Moment. Geoffrey Uloth, Canada.
  • Darling, Darling, Wendy. Elise Robertson, USA.
  • Honour Thy Mother. Yinghui Fu, USA.
  • The Depths. Ariane Louis-Seize, Canada.
  • Luz, A Witch Story. Julie Roy, Canada.
  • Plainsong. Alexis Fortier Gauthier, Canada.
  • Love Bite. Charles de Lauzirika, USA.
  • The Dream Eater. Simon Doutreleau, USA.
  • In The Deathroom. Nicole Jones-Dion, USA.
  • Animal. Russell Leigh Sharman, USA.
  • Llamada. Muhammad Pirzada, Canada.
  • For The Goblins. Hypnus Yao, USA.
  • Orisha. Drew Anthony, USA.
  • Bloodshed. Paolo Mancini y Daniel Watchorn, Canada.
  • Swimming With Fishes. Zachary Ayotte y Dany Foster, Canada.
  • Mommy’s Little Monster. Patrick Green, USA.
  • Make a Wish. Dinh Thai, USA.
  • The Purple Iris. Arif Khan, USA.
  • Lily in the Maze. Alexandra Emmons y Andrew Juhl, USA.
  • Stuck. David Mikalson, USA.
  • Stray. Wanjiru Njendu, USA.
  • Boxed. Wanjiru Njendu, USA.
  • The Tell Tale Heart. McClain Lindquist, USA.
  • Witchin’. Christina Diamantara, USA.
  • Siren. Christopher Beaubien, Canada.
  • Cassette. Ilya Polyakov, USA.
  • You Wouldn’t Understand. Trish Harnetiaux, USA.
  • Facelift. Virat Pal, USA.
  • Yummy. Russell Whaley, USA.

Our festival will take place from 12 to 21 February 2021

Complete list of selections and more info at:

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