“This Was An Awesome Read…”

A girl spiraling into a mental battle with herself is struggling to fit into society during an outbreak of unsolved murders. Mysteries behind a man in a mask slowly unfold itself through a hellish journey that lands the main character in the hot seat as suspicion of homicide falls on her shoulder. Living in a quiet suburban home with her adopted father and brothers prove to be a challenge while unraveling the truth behind her families origin and unnatural abilities. A group of strangers appear in her small town. Her time to solve the problem behind haunting creatures appearing everywhere she goes is ticking.

“Greatest story line I have read in a long time. This was an awesome read!”

“This tale, narrated solely from Soneyu’s perspective, is one that taps into the fears and angsts of true horror aficionados with visions of blood and tearing flesh. The mythology behind these horrors and Soneyu’s special talents are only teased at in this book, which seems to indicate that further sequels will be forthcoming.”

“I really enjoyed the graphic details the author described in this book and the events that take place.The events that happen to the characters leave you wanting to know more causing you to read it over and over looking for hints to explain what else could happen. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good horror story.”

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