“Bella in the Wych Elm” Remastered Blu+DVD Set Now Available to Pre-Order

The award-winning folk horror featurette BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM has returned in a spanking new remastered definitive cut in this special BLU+DVD set loaded with extras including reversible sleeve, fold out poster with brand new artwork commissioned by SLUDGEWORK, liner notes booklet, special silent movie edition with choice of 3 alternate scores and more TBC! The film has never looked this good!

An unnerving and soulful look at the famous Who Put Bella in The Wych Elm mystery which is local to the filmmakers serves as a love letter to Black Country heritage and the power of modern folklore and storytelling.

Shipping date is APRIL 18th which fans of the mystery will note as a date of significance.

You can pre-order the BLU+DVD set here: BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM [Remastered, definitive BLU+DVD set] PRE-ORDER | Carnie Features (bigcartel.com)

A range of BELLA inspired T-Shirts are also coming soon.

As featured in Howard David Ingham’s acclaimed WE DON’T GO BACK: A WATCHER’S GUIDE TO FOLK HORROR (https://www.room207press.com/); BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM is a must for the discerning fan of folk horror with quaint sensibilities, celebratory of its roots and thirst for stories that dare to peek beyond the veil of the unknown.

Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3AamrYUSRk

Visit BELLA on Twitter: Bella InThe Wych Elm (@Bella_Wych_Elm) / Twitter

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