Cast Announced for Horror-Comedy Film “Robyn Hood”

“A New Kind of Succubus”

Shayla Racquel Films in association with Filled With Magic Productions announces their stellar cast for their upcoming horror-comedy series pilot titled, Robyn Hood. The enthralling cast line includes Daniel Augustin (Wu-Tang: An American Dream, David Makes Man, Dynasty, The Resident), Bianca Bethune (Bad Boys 2, Bad Boys For Life, Switched At Birth), Ben Abiola (Cope, The Ticket, Eden), and Gail Bean  (Snowfall, Test Pattern, Atlanta, Insecure) as the lead seductress herself, Robyn.

 Qaseem, a man who is healing from a fresh break-up when he is enchanted by a mysterious and mystique woman who has only one goal for the night – to steal his hoodie. This story is a fresh, modern take on the succubus folklore merged with an inside joke in Black culture. We join the sensuous, yet sinister Robyn on her fun and frightful odyssey to steal from the simps to give in to her lure — of trapping men’s souls. 

Gail, along with her stellar castmates, becomes one of few Black actresses to portray a prominent role in the horror realm;  a wildly underrepresented genre, where Black characters are treated with little to no dignity, outside of a quick death. 

“Robyn Hood is a witty portrayal of how the alluring power black women possess can be magnetic & frightening all at once.” – Gail Bean

 Robyn Hood is directed by Janeen “Neen” Talbott of LORE Films (Sight,  Juju: The Web Series), written & executive produced by Shayla Racquel of Shayla Racquel Films (Riverment, Life’s Checklist, Quarter Century) and produced by Moon Ferguson of Filled With Magic Productions (Juju: The Web Series, Dark Before Dawn). The crew also includes a plethora of Black Women in many key roles.

The production has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise more funds for production costs.

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