Kickstarter Campaign Launched for the Short Film “File Not Found”

Following a successful festival run of two of her latest short films Puppy and Enter Nirvana – Actor and Filmmaker Lindsay Bennett-Thompson is about to embark on her fourth short film, the Sci-Fi Horror – File Not Found. With the project being her most ambitious to date she has teamed up with Producer James L Perkins (The Veil of Isolation) to launch the project on Kickstarter. With her previous projects taking home a combined 16 awards and nominations she is motivated to bring her team back together to create something bigger and here is how you can get involved! 

But first – let’s talk about the project.

Set in 2035 File Not Found tells the story of Jenny who lives an idyllic life with her spiritualistic partner Maggie; but when modern technology is disrupted, Jenny comes face to face with the horror that she has been hiding from.

Writer/Director Lindsay Bennett-Thompson said, “I wanted to make something which married modern technology and classic horror. Our contemporary society relies so heavily on technology I wanted to push the boundaries of how that can shape our perception of reality. How far will we go to escape or influence the way we experience the world and is our reliance on contemporary science hiding us from truth? I was inspired by the works of Charlie Brooker and his representation of a dystopian future (which never feels too far removed from our own) and the more traditional psychological horror of Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook – representing an inescapable yet illogical consuming force. Both characters in the story are trying to escape reality in their own way but some demons will always be waiting.”

Lindsay likes to create beautiful, yet disturbing pieces which allow the audience to construct their own interpretation of her work. While some find ambiguity in film frustrating Lindsay believes in giving ownership to the viewer – “It’s their work as well as mine, I found this in particular with Enter Nirvana. It was so interesting hearing different people’s opinions as to what they thought it was about. There was no wrong answer. My work is always filled with metaphors, I like to lay the clues out as I go. If you pick them all up fine, if not don’t sweat – no-one is marking your paper”.

The film is currently on Kickstarter and already has some private investment secured. If you’re interested in seeing more of Lindsay’s work and would like to join the File Not Found team hit the links below to grab one of the many perks available – there’s something for everyone. 

Given Lindsay’s ambition and past festival success this looks like a project to keep an eye on!

Kickstarter link

Website link 

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