Discovery+ Paranormal & Unexplained Programming Highlights: March 15-28



New Episodes of GHOST ADVENTURES Are Back – Zak Bagans and the Crew Investigate

Las Vegas’ Once Blissful Ranch Island

On the Season Finale of EXPEDITION BIGFOOT, the Team Authenticates a Bigfoot Footprint; Plus, Post-Show Special Reveals Unexpected eDNA Evidence That Brings Them Closer to Confirming the Cryptid’s Existence



NEW EPISODES RETURN – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 20 on discovery+

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman face all-new eerie encounters in the return of PORTALS TO HELL. The avid paranormal investigators resume their chilling journey to haunted locations across the United States, confronting the dark side of the supernatural as they seek concrete evidence that a spirit world exists. In each episode, Osbourne and Weidman dive headfirst into a site, examining unusual incidents while utilizing specialized technology and a network of experts, including psychic mediums, in their search for answers. [Hour-long episodes]

               SPECIAL TWO-HOUR EPISODE: “McCormick Farm” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 20

In a television first, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman gain unprecedented access to investigate the former McCormick property in Stratton, Colorado, once home to father-son serial killers, Tom and Michael McCormick. The duo had been killing for years, and while all the victims reportedly buried on the grounds have never been discovered, it is estimated there are as many as 17. Since buying the farm shortly after the murders, the current owners have experienced paranormal activity all over the property, and that activity is growing in both frequency and intensity. With their investigative tools, paranormal know-how and help from psychic Shaun Crusha, Osbourne and Weidman set out to find who, or what, is haunting the farm.

Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne investigate the former McCormick Farm in Colorado, once home to a family of serial killers.

“Hotel Monte Vista” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 20

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman travel to Flagstaff, Arizona, to investigate the Hotel Monte Vista, a popular tourist attraction dubbed one of America’s most terrifying places. Known in its heyday as a hub for the rich and famous, the Monte Vista is equally notorious for its long rap sheet of illicit activity and is now spooking guests with unsettling, poltergeist-like activity. While probing this paranormal hotspot, never before investigated on TV, the team encounters terrifying activity of their own.

Grant-Humphreys Mansion” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 27

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate Denver’s Grant-Humphreys Mansion, a 30-room palace beset by scandal, death and a skeptical client. Former owner Albert Humphreys is believed to have shot himself inside the mansion, but mystery still surrounds his death. Now operating as a wedding venue, staff and patrons experience apparitions, shadow figures and more. The team’s investigation marks the first time the property has been investigated on TV and sparks wicked paranormal activity. With the help of psychic Cindy Kaza, Osbourne and Weidman come to believe this mansion may house a true portal to hell.


NEW EPISODES RETURN – Begins Streaming Friday, March 26 on discovery+

In each episode of GHOST ADVENTURES, Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, travel to a different haunted destination where they meet with locals, eyewitnesses and experts in an attempt to piece together the haunted history of each site. They then begin their “lockdown” investigation, using the latest scientific gadgets and technology in an effort to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and uncover the truth behind each haunted mystery. [Hour-long episodes]

               “Curse of Ranch Island” – Begins Streaming Friday, March 26

Zak Bagans and the crew investigate rampant paranormal activity at a once blissful communal compound outside of Las Vegas, known as Ranch Island. When Bagans is overcome by a dark energy, the team fears he may be in danger from a spirit trapped on the property.

Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin investigate rampant paranormal activity at Las Vegas’ Ranch Island compound.


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

Alaska is a hotbed for UFO sightings, abductions and extraterrestrial encounters. Why are these otherworldly visitors drawn to America’s last frontier? Shocking new evidence and personal testimony from local witnesses shed light on the alien activity. [Hour-long episodes]

               “Nightmare Below Zero” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 15

A man finds a mysterious implant in his leg after a nighttime snowmobile ride. Four friends witness the same eerie light show miles away from each other. An otherworldly beast stalks a family for three generations. A woman hears an unholy chorus.

“The Mother Ship” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 22

An amateur photographer captures floating orbs on camera. UFOs circle a larger, egg-shaped mother ship floating high above Anchorage. A brother and sister watch in awe as a massive aircraft disappears behind a mountain range.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan are back on the case. In each episode of THE DEAD FILES, DiSchiavi and Allan first investigate each case separately. Utilizing his detective skills, DiSchiavi interviews witnesses and experts, and researches the history and facts behind each location. Allan, a physical medium who sees and communicates with the dead, assesses the property to identify what underlying entities reside there. Keeping their findings hidden from each other, the team avoids all contact with one another – coming together only at the very end to reveal their shocking discoveries to the property owners, and each other. [Hour-long episodes]

SEASON FINALE: “Abducted” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 15

Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi travel to Coolidge, Arizona, where a mother and her daughters are facing an onslaught of paranormal activity from an interdimensional being. Under constant attack and unable to move, the family needs answers before someone is seriously hurt.


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

In a frighteningly friendly competition to freak each other out with the creepiest, craziest paranormal evidence ever caught on camera, Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass – each reveal the most mind-blowing supernatural footage they can find. They’ll speak to the terrified eyewitnesses who captured it, get insight from psychic mediums, ufologists, cryptozoologists and other renowned experts, before deciding on each episode’s “nightmare clip” – the one that haunts your dreams and keeps you up at night! [Hour-long episodes]

“Scary Poppins” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 16

Jack Osbourne, Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass compete to terrorize each other with jaw-dropping evidence of a phantom facing off with baby, a hotel guest attacked in her sleep by an evil entity, the spirit of a deceased father returning home and more.

“The Real Werewolves of Florida” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 23

Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers one-up each other with terrifying evidence of a massive cryptid sprinting through a yard, an evil doll that moves on its own, a violent entity attacking the caretaker of an abandoned elementary school and more.


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

This all-new eight-episode series reveals exactly how the world will end, and what will be behind it, as predicted by history’s greatest prophet, Nostradamus. Combining the infamous seer’s ancient words with paintings from a mysterious lost book bearing his name, the series decodes new prophecies and causes of the world’s demise. Nostradamus saw the impending apocalypse 500 years ago, and now it’s up to experts to reveal the terrifying truth his visions can prepare us for. These groundbreaking interpretations uncover the destruction soon to be inflicted upon us by earthquakes, floods, fire, nuclear war, disease, asteroid strikes and more. Are you prepared? [Hour-long episodes]

“Hungry Hungry Humans” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 16

Nostradamus predicted toxic farmlands and devastating water shortages would lead to famine, social unrest and war. Scholars analyze his grim prophecies to reveal when humankind will be wiped out of existence.

“The Smiting of Humanity” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 23

Nostradamus had visions of pestilence eating away at humankind until not a living soul is left on the planet. Scholars analyze his works to get a clear vision of when our macabre end will come to pass.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Some of the most amazing, eye-opening and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world are featured as a panel of experts break down the footage and analyze what exactly the eyewitnesses captured. Insights from some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the field and firsthand accounts from the people lucky enough – or perhaps unlucky enough – to witness these strange phenomena for themselves just might make a believer of even the biggest skeptics out there. [Hour-long episodes]

“Bronx UFO and More” – Begins Streaming Friday, March 19

UFOs fly high above a neighborhood in the Bronx. Ghost hunters encounter the spirit of a 3,000-year-old mummy in a British museum. A father and son spot the elusive Skunk Ape in Florida.

“Louisville Dog Senses a Poltergeist and More” – Begins Streaming Friday, March 26

A woman in Utah plays catch with a ghost. A dog senses something spooky lurking inside his owner’s home. A UFO hovers above a wind farm in California.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

After a groundbreaking freshman run, THE HOLZER FILES returns with all-new investigations, from a woman’s terrifying dreams that seem to bleed over into reality in her family’s coastal home to the origin of the hauntings that lie in a strange rock formation. Led by investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman, THE HOLZER FILES investigates terrifying true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of America’s first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. Recognized as the “father of the paranormal,” Holzer’s legendary four-decade exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts, more than 120 books and even inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.” Now, with the help of Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra Holzer, Travel Channel exclusively reopens Holzer’s most captivating case files – digging into thousands of documents, letters, photographs and chilling audio and visual recordings dating back to the 1950s. [Hour-long episodes]

SEASON FINALE: “Devil in the Rock” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 20

The team ventures to the Massachusetts coast to follow up on Hans Holzer’s 1964 investigation of the Bates Ship Chandlery. As they delve deep into the property’s past, they uncover a chilling undercurrent of darkness anchored in the rocky shores.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

The EXPEDITION BIGFOOT team – Bryce Johnson, Dr. Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord and Ronny LeBlanc – have reassembled to respond to the uptick in Bigfoot sightings, just this year. Using an advanced data algorithm, they are honing in on a massive swath of forest in southeast Kentucky, where the mathematical odds of a Bigfoot encounter are greatly increased. This year, their analysis has uncovered something new – possible Bigfoot migratory patterns that may reveal precisely where the legendary beasts will be and when they will be there. Using the latest in advanced technologies, evidence of Bigfoot begins to pile up – including vocalizations, unexplained structures, DNA samples and massive footprints that no man could have left behind. [Hour-long episodes]

SEASON FINALE: “Closer Than Ever” Begins Streaming Sunday, March 21

The investigation launches into high gear as the team discovers evidence that could prove Bigfoot’s existence once and for all. When uncontrolled wildfires erupt in Washington, it’s a race against time to find the truth before it burns away.

Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord and Ronny LeBlanc measure what appears to be a Bigfoot footprint in the mud.

SPECIAL EPISODE: “New Discoveries” Begins Streaming Sunday, March 28

For the first time since the end of their summer expedition, Bryce Johnson, Mireya Mayor, Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord come together to review evidence and relive highlights from their adventure. The team also reveals shocking new environmental DNA findings that may change the world of Bigfoot research forever.


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

The AIMS team gather around a rip-roaring campfire to watch fan-favorite episodes of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS. They add colorful commentary, swap hilarious behind-the-scenes stories and share never-before-seen footage and bloopers, all while making fun of each other as only this group of bearded brothers can. [Hour-long episodes]

“The Chupacabra” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 21

The AIMS team gathers around a campfire to take a look back at their downright dumbfounding hunt for a bloodsucking beast. Wild Bill breaks out his Dracula impression, and the guys throw a spontaneous dance party.

SEASON FINALE: “The Yahoo” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 28

The AIMS team gathers around a campfire to watch their hunt for one behemoth of a Bigfoot. Huckleberry reveals an unhealthy obsession, and the guys share an ode to odorous. Plus, Wild Bill marvels at a big pile of poop.

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