Spamflix Releases Horror-Folk “Luz: The Flower of Evil”

Luz: The Flower of Evil, by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate (Colombia, 2019)

Sitges Film Festival – Official Fantastic Competition

Mórbido Film Festival – Best Latin American Film

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival – Best Film, Actress and Special Jury Mention for Director of Photography and Editing

After a lenghty film festival circuit, where it competed at Sitges and won best Latin American Film at Mórbido, Juan Diego Escobar Alzate’s debut, the Colombian Horror-Folk “Luz: The Flower of Evil” is now showing on Spamflix.

Far into the mountains, the film tells the story of a community led by a preacher named El Señor, who after bringing a new child who is supposed to be the new Messiah, is tested with destruction and redemption. Soon, everything changes. Not only for the town, but on the preacher’s home as his 3 daughters start to wonder the real origins of God itself, the nature of love, pleasure and inner freedom.

Defined by the writer/director as “a film to question what it’s like to be a human”, Luz constantly floats between good vs evil and faith vs heresy. Through an atmospheric Jodorowskian trip, the film is filled with gorgeous vistas, in which the beauty of nature is a simmering evil.

Luz: The Flower of Evil is available* on and the Spamflix App (ios, Android, Android TV; with Apple TV and Chromecast support) for 72 hours rental.

*Excluding in USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Scandinavia and Latin America.

Also coming this month are two free shorts:

22nd: The Enemy Lines (2010) by Denis Côté.

•Spamflix rounds up its Denis Côté retrospective with seven feature- length films and three free shorts. Users can acquire the Retrospective Film Pack to watch all the films by the Canadian filmmaker with a discount.

29th: Wild Love (2018) an animated short by Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux.

•To promote the upcoming Miyu Animation Shorts Programme premiering on May 6th, Spamflix will give an early free access at one of the eight shorts produced by the French animation production studio.


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