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“Reading a book by J. Manfred Weichsel is like going on the most insane, spinny, whirly, turn-you-upside-down ride at the fairground, getting off, puking, and then immediately wanting to get back on again.” Paul Lucas- twitter.com

“He (J. Manfred Weichsel) writes with a fearlessness that goes beyond the safe and carefully prescribed limits of what passes for the counter-culture today. His works don’t so much touch upon third rails of the zeitgeist as they gleefully grab hold of them.” Jon Mollison- castaliahouse.com

“Weichsel is a writer who is not afraid to push boundaries or take chances. On the whole, he’s successful.” Keith West- adventuresfantastic.com

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Terror lays waiting in the jungle island of Flores.

Terror in the form of cryptids called ebu gogo.

Terror for the cryptozoologists who dream to discover them.

The one thing Lewis Dare wants more than anything in the world is to discover the ebu gogo – three-foot-tall cryptids in the genus of Homo rumored to live in Indonesia.

But Lewis Dare’s ex-wife Linda, wanting to beat the famous cryptozoologist at his own game, has rushed to Indonesia in order to discover the ebu gogo before he does.

On the Indonesian island of Flores, their dream to discover a cryptid becomes a nightmare when the ebu gogo turn out to be primitive, savage, sex fiends.

“Ebu Gogo had a few ups or downs, but I grew to love it as it went on. The attention to details when discussing anthropology and cryptozoology was really appreciated, and knowing exactly what the book was referencing really adds into why I give it 5 stars.”

“Well that was complete and utter bonkers.. I’m actually kind of speechless.. In my head it played out like bad 80s cult movie.. It made me giggle so I’ve given it 4 furry stars”

“Quite an unusual story. But, it kept me up all day and into the night wanting to finish it just to see what happens. His character descriptions are part of the reason the story is so entertaining by the first chapter YOU will be hooked too.”

“Ebu Gogo by Jon Weichsel is proof that a story can be degenerate trash, a fun rollicking adventure AND a surprisingly meaningful work of art – all at the same time. Give it to your easily offended friends, then stand well back. Five stars.”

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