Official Trailer – THE EVIL NEXT DOOR Coming to Theaters and On Demand



Magnet Releasing will release THE EVIL NEXT DOOR in theaters and on demand June 25th, 2021.

Written and Directed by Oskar Mellender and Tord Danielsson

Starring Dilan Gwyn and Eddie Eriksson Dominguez

New to her stepmom role Shirin moves into a duplex with her partner, Fredrik, and his son, Lucas. The new home feels like the right place to start becoming a family. But when Fredrik leaves for work, strange things are heard from the other, uninhabited side. Also, who is Lucas’ new friend?

88 Minutes

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One thought on “Official Trailer – THE EVIL NEXT DOOR Coming to Theaters and On Demand

  1. Shortly after moving into her new home in a peaceful ‘Swedish’ suburb, Shirin (Dilan Gwyn) starts hearing knocking sounds from the empty house next door. When her stepson Lucas (Eddie Eriksson Dominguez), then makes a mysterious friend (Troy James); the stage is set for a traditional haunted house horror story. Shirin is trying to find her place as a new stepmom to young Lucas and hopes moving in together as a family will help the process. But when Fredrik ( Linus Wahlgren), leaves for work, Shirin finds herself alone in the house with the young boy. She’s quickly unnerved by the mysterious knocking sounds coming from next door, and her paranoia becomes even more prominent when Fredrik has a hard time believing her.
    This film is about a family who claimed to have experienced something very scary and paranormal. Some kind of entity has tried to take their child. This all started with them moving into a new home. Some nights later they heard noises from the now empty side of the house. It sounds just like someone is walking down the stairs. This continues for a week or so and then just stopped. Every night at around the same time. And it all ends when they decide to move out. The mother of the family is first accused by her husband for being responsible for the injuries on the child. But when the husband himself experiences events that couldn’t be explained he also comes to believe that something is haunting the family. We never get an explanation.
    As tension rises, “The Evil Next Door” relies on classical tropes of the genre to create a spooky atmosphere and scary moments, bound to make your skin crawl. The modern ‘Scandinavian’ setting makes for a refreshing variation on the more common ‘Gothic’ mansion typically seen in haunted house films. ‘Norwegians’ will feel right at home in this sleek house in shades of gray, begging the question if a modern house might not be just as scary as an old one. Tbe film has a love for highly visual storytelling that moves beyond ‘Swedish’ unassuming realism.

    written by Gregory Mann

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