Get Ready For “MIND GAMES” From The Jalbert Brothers on July 4th

Super producers Brian Jalbert and Jake Jalbert are at it again with their new movie Mind Games. This time they teamed up with New Terrain Ent. owned by Jadon Cal Fitzpatrick. In this newest twist the team put together an awesome thrill ride that keeps people on the edge of their seats with an crazy reveal at the end. 

This movie has shining stars like Jet Jandreau and Jadon Cal Fitzpatrick, they are surrounded by veteran actors like Robert LaSardo, Michael Pare, Jim FitzPatrick and Michael Millhollin. 

This movie is directed by Jake Jalbert

Written by Bruce Durbin and Jadon Cal Fitzpatrick.

Produced by Brian Jalbert Jake Jalbert and Jadon Cal FitzPatrick. 

An Army psychologist held captive by an unknown adversary must find her way out of an RV in the middle of nowhere to survive.

Available on Amazon, Itunes, TubiTV, VUDU, and Google Play


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