SLASHER 2nd Anniversary of Mobile Horror App

The SLASHER mobile horror app celebrated its two years online, working as an advocate for the horror genre. SLASHER has been disrupting mainstream social media, providing a safe space for horror fans and creators, by not censoring horror themes on it’s platform, such as special effects, makeup, and more.

Through advocacy of the genre, SLASHER understands what horror fans care about and what creators need. As a result, people find SLASHER to be a valuable tool to increase their enjoyment of horror, in the many creative forms it exists. Fans are connecting with one another, sharing movie, book, and music suggestions – even finding love. Creators and professionals are networking and showcasing their work, reaching the horror community with ease. As a result, fans are able to easily discover movies, books, and other creative work that they might not have otherwise found. With each month, thousands of new people become a part of SLASHER’S community and enjoy the many benefits the app has to offer.

During the height of the pandemic in the U.S., SLASHER focused efforts on helping people be entertained ( during a time of much stress and uncertainty. Free advertising was also offered to independent horror-related businesses, which were severely at risk of closing, due to losses from the pandemic.

SLASHER has added many news partners, with some of the most recognized names in horror, to deliver news, reviews, interviews, and press releases, adding more support for the genre and keeping fans informed.

As SLASHER enters its third year, the focus will remain on supporting the genre, but most importantly, the community, delivering more of what fans, professionals, and creators want. There will be many exciting features and new types of functionality added over this year.

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