Stacey Nelkin and Eva Hamilton Co-Found New Production Co.

BiCoastal, genre focused Motion Picture Company “The Mooncats” officially launches it’s 2021 slate in New York City and West Hollywood.

Producer and Co-Founder EVA HAMILTON (Ruin Me, Death Kiss) will appear with horror icon STACEY NELKIN (Halloween III) in three genre productions constructed for Domestic Distribution, Commercial Exhibition and Elevated Festival Programming.

THE SHED (2021) and KILLER VIDEO (2022), two short 35mm films both actively in development, will be shot on location in undisclosed rural locations between October of 2021 and March of 2022.

Upon completion, both films will appear in an Anthology Feature film “Double Feature”, constructed for exhibition on genre streaming services and an exclusive festival programming slate.

SYLVIA (2024) continues to actively develop as the company’s initial Feature Presentation, following the story of an aging model who reassumes power by taking over Miami as a legendary Cocaine Smuggler.

MoonCat additionally launches its Production Services Department, offering Promotional Content Services, Concept Packaging and Original Synthwave Licensing to Independent Genre Filmmakers.

Production Executive states: “We are open to working with passionate independent filmmakers with a strong eye for quality, commercial aesthetics and elevated narratives that lend themselves to venues like SXSW and Fantasia. Open to reviewing directorial reels at”

Producer and Founder: (Sage Summerson) Producer and Co-Founder: (Eva Hamilton) Creative Executive: (Stacey Nelkin)

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