Pre-Production on a Fan Film Adaptation of the Second Book in Eric Morse’s Camp Crystal Lake Series, “Jason’s Curse”

A Phoenix LTD Production

Directed by Matt Newland

Produced by Moses Stock

Friday the 13th: Jason’s Curse

In 2005 filmmaker Cory Steven released the fan film adaptation of the Eric Morse (William Pattison) Camp Crystal Lake Novel Mother’s Day. It was the first ever feature length adaptation of a novel from a horror franchise. Usually such adaptations have been done on select comic book stories. Now, sixteen years later, filmmaker Matt Newland is two thirds of the way through pre-production on a fan film adaptation of the second book in Eric Morse’s Camp Crystal Lake series, Jason’s Curse. There have been a number of unfinished adaptations of the Morse novels to film, but from all indications Newland’s adaptation will go to fruition. All through the Covid quarantine Newland has been perfecting the script for the film, casting, rehearsing, and is currently working designing and perfecting the practical FX for the film. Principle photography will begin before the end of the year with an estimated premiere for the summer of 2022.

Cast: Kelly Boone (played by Tori Adamson), Doug (played by Noah Harshbarger), Tina (played by Jasimine Juarez), Miguel (played by Emiliano Barbosa), Billy Boone (played by Matt Newland), Big Red (played by Morgan Schaub). Special cameos by Joshua La Rue and William Pattison.


A year ago Kelly Boone’s brother, Billy, was one of a group teens killed at the ruins of the infamous Camp Crystal Lake by a killer in a hockey mask. Now Kelly wants revenge. She and a group of friends go to Camp Crystal Lake to hunt the legendary Jason Voorhees. But little do they know that the mask of Jason Voorhees has found a new wearer and more blood will soon stain the evil woods around Crystal Lake…


“I’m absolutely thrilled about this production. It was a real honor to have Cory Stevens honor my work with his film. Now, it is happening again with Matt Newland’s adaptation. I’m completely blown away by this. This is something special.” – William Pattison aka Eric Morse

Estimated release Summer 2022

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