New Podcast ‘Deathbed Confessions’ from Parcast, a Spotify Studio and Noiser – First Episode Available NOW

Spotify’s latest Original podcast from Parcast, produced in partnership with Noiser, the studio behind podcasts such as Real Dictators, Real Narcos and Short History Of… , uncovers the fascinating real-life stories behind the long-held secrets & the deep, dark confessions made by people taking their final, dying breaths.

Today’s debut episode details the deathbed confession of Hollywood film actress Margaret Gibson. In 1922, Anglo-Irish American William Desmond Taylor, a film director responsible for 59 silent films, was found dead in his bungalow early one morning. This led to a frenzy of fabricated newspaper articles at the time, and remained an ongoing mystery; a murder crime that was never solved, despite there being several suspects and witnesses. It was over 40 years later, in 1964, as the former movie starlet Margaret was experiencing a heart attack, that she called for a Priest to be by her side. And in her dying breath she uttered the words: “I killed William Desmond Taylor”.

Listen to the first episode NOW on Spotify: HERE

  • Title: Hollywood Cold Case: Margaret GIbson Pt. 1
  • Description: When famed director William Desmond Taylor was murdered in 1922, the LAPD rushed to find his killer — compiling a long list of suspects that included some of the silent film era’s biggest stars. Actress Margaret Gibson always flew under their radar… But could her dying words finally solve one of Hollywood’s longest-running cold cases?

Some of the additional captivating stories to be covered across the series – be it murder, fake identities, illicit affairs & even classified government information – include:

  • Building contractor Frank Thorogood confessing to the murder of Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, after his death in a swimming pool had long been ruled by police to have been an accident.
  • The conspiracy surrounding CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt and his role in JFK’s murder.
  • After taking a lethal dose of paracetamol, Jeffrey Gafoor confessed to a brutal murder in Cardiff, where a woman had been stabbed 50 times.
  • Ottis Toole was serving 5 consecutive life sentences for murder, and whilst on his deathbed he claimed sole responsibility for the horrific murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh in 1981.

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