Interview with the Hosts of the Scarifyer Podcast

We recently got to promote the Scarifyer podcast, and after getting introduced to some of their episodes we wanted to know more. How did they come together, and create the name? Who have been their favorite interviews, and funny moments while the mic as been on or even off? Take a few minutes to get better introduced to this awesome podcast in the interview below…

-PH: First, please introduce yourselves and tell us how you came together for this podcast.

-I’m Ace, so Scarifyer was originally started by The Gov and I. For years we’d hang out either just with us or with other friends and get into these huge epic discussions about horror movies and the horror genre. And by the end we’d always say “we should’ve recorded that”. In the spring of 2019 we decided to stop talking about it and do it.

-The Gov here! Our concept was we wanted to make “That Metal Show” for horror. Fans who have an open and honest discussion about all things horror. Without the fear of ridicule because of differing opinions. We went on for a while just Ace and I. But something was missing. That’s when Quinn enters the story.

-Quinn: Hi, I’m Quinn! I actually was working with Gov when we met and started talking about movies, namely horror. He and Ace were going to see the new Invisible man film and they invited me. After we all started talking about it and they asked if I wanted to guest on the podcast, I said sure. We recorded it and something clicked and they decided to keep me!

-PH: When did you first become horror fans? What got you into horror?

-Ace: In the early 90’s, I was always fascinated with the horror section at the now extinct blockbuster video store. And my older cousins were all watching the slasher movies from the 80″s, so obviously I wanted to watch too. Well my parents being the great parents they are, clearly were not about to allow their five year old to watch such movies. But what they did do, so I wouldn’t feel left out is rent me the classic Universal Monster movies.

-The Gov: Classic horror films were always a staple in our house. On Top of that, I don’t know many six or seven year olds who would rent VHS copies of The Monster Squad and Return of Swamp Thing every week. I also had an older brother who would allow me to watch classic slasher movies (Halloween, Scream, Elm St. etc..) when my parents weren’t around. Then I met a friend around age ten who was very much into horror. After that, the jack was out of the box for me.

-Quinn: My dad introduced me to Creature of the black lagoon when I was around 7 and I fell in love with it. It got me curious about other films in the genre so I started seeking them out, sometimes sneaking them haha, but my parents also loved Elvira so it was kind of always around me I just wasnt’t fully aware till a little later.

-PH: So tell us a little about the podcast. Do you review movies, interviews, give news, etc? What does a typical episode sound like?

-Ace: We review movies old, new, and in every sub-genre. We do interviews with celebrities and cross promote with other podcasts. We’ll discuss current horror news if it’s relevant to what’s going on with our show. A typical show breaks down to an open forum discussion. We have some structure. We try to come up with funny intros, The Gov will give a backstory on the production of the film, and at the end we all rank what we thought of the movie on a 0-5 scale.

-Quinn: We very much like to keep the show light and fun, we have a good time recording and we want the listener to enjoy as well. The show definitely has a unique flavor to it. We aren’t three professors lecturing about the structure of films and such, we’re just three nerds with mics in our hands!

-PH: How did you come up with the name for the podcast?

-The Gov: The show was originally called Pods and Monsters. In fact our theme song we still use to this day is the same from when we were going by that name. But after about three shows we found out that that name had already been trademarked. So after a long frustrating night, exhausting all possibilities. I came up with Scarifyer which is a play on the title of the movie Terrifier, which was the very first movie review we ever did. I told Ace we have to call it that. It’s a unique name and it ties back to our foundation.

-PH: Who are some of your favorite people you’ve interviewed so far? Who would be the person you would want to interview the most on the show?

-Quinn: That’s a hard one! We’ve talked to so many talented wonderful people, one of the best I think would be Adam Marcus. He’s such a funny, energetic guy who is so inspirational. Another would be Andre Gower, I forgot we were doing an interview and felt like we were just chatting with a friend. My dream interview would be the mistress of the dark herself, Elvira. I’d cry.

-PH: What have been some challenges of bringing a podcast to fans?

-Ace: Scheduling recordings around everyones day job is probably the biggest challenge.

-The Gov: Keeping above water, trying to stand out in a very competitive field.

-Quinn: Finding that niche that makes us unique and different, find what audience we speak to.

-PH: Take us behind the scenes. What kind of preparation do you do for upcoming episodes? Do you rehearse or is it anything goes once the record button is pushed?

-Ace: We all do our own research to prepare. Then on recording day we’ll take an hour or so to discuss our research, we’ll create talking points, and we hit record and see where it takes us.

-The Gov: Honestly not much. I believe there’s a fine line between under prepared and over prepared. We are so comfortable with each other now, we can really rely on that no matter what we will have a good outcome when those mics are on.

-PH: Do you have any funny outtakes or moments when not recording that you wish you would have recorded when you guys are talking about the show, or horror in general?

-Quinn: Well, we got to talk to Lisa Wilcox and I was super nervous so I picked a spot on the wall, which has a Jason poster on it coincidentally, and said “Lisa Wilcox of Friday the 13th!” Luckily she started laughing but my face dropped and i just kept saying oh god oh god! I kept apologizing but she was so cool about it.

-PH: And on the show, what are some moments that stand out to you so far? Maybe some things you won’t forget, were particularly funny, or a surprise.

-The Gov: The time Quinn almost killed Kyle, our production assistant over which sucked more. Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X.

-Ace: I was shocked that we spoke with Adam Marcus for almost four hours. He was our first major celebrity interview and I was only expecting maybe an hour /hour and a half and we just went on this epic four hour conversation, it was incredible.

-PH: Speaking of surprises, any special plans for future shows? Any surprises coming up for your fans?

-Ace: Well it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we told everybody what was coming up next haha.

-PH: Lol! Had to try! So here’s your chance to promote anything we haven’t talked about. Let us know something more about yourselves, the podcast, certain episodes, where people can find you, or anything else you would like to mention.

-Ace: Well you can listen to Scarifyer every Friday on all our platforms. It’s very much a show made for the fans by the fans. It’s three geeks with microphones talking about all things horror and pop culture. It’s very much the show we sought out to create two years ago and achieved.

-The Gov: A lot of passion goes into Scarifyer. Even though we are all essentially playing roles with these nicknames and our characters are extensions of our actual personalities. (In real life I am not as cynical as I am on the show lol) It’s still a very personal endeavor that has had its ups and downs but in the end is very rewarding.

-Quinn: Scarifyer is such a passion project for us, we have great things coming up and want to grow and keep expanding. We have a website and encourage people to check it out and post reviews for things, suggest what they’d like to hear, or just keep in the loop with us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Slasher, check us out and we very much love to chat and hear from people. Like, Ace said we are on major platforms including, youtube, apple podcast, google podcast, spotify and more. We love the horror community and can’t wait to see where this takes us!

We would like to thank the Sacrifyer podcast for taking the time to answer our questions. Hopefully this was a good introduction to them if you haven’t listen to them before. If you’re a fan of their show, hopefully this gave you some more details on who you’re listening to. Either way, please make sure to catch their latests shows on the usual podcast platforms and more!

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